What Happens If Someone Doesn’t Accept Your Cash App Payment? Quick Answer

If you send someone money and they are yet to accept it after a long time, I know you will be asking “what happens if someone doesn’t accept your cash app payment?”. First I want to reassure you that you are not alone in this situation. And that is why this article is set out to guide you on what your next line of action should be. So sit back and read through every bit of it attentively as we divulge all that is in stock for you.


Cash App is a mobile money app that makes sending and receiving money between peers, family, and businesses easier. It was established about a decade ago and has become one of the most popular platforms for sending and receiving money in the world. 

With Cash App, all you need to do is to get the details of the recipient and with just a few clicks,  your money will be sent. However, sometimes after sending the money to the person, you find out that it hasn’t been accepted. 

It is at such times that many users like you ask “what happens if someone doesn’t accept your cash app payment? Don’t worry, as we proceed, you will find out what it means and the necessary actions that you can take if such happens to you. So, read every bit of this informative article with me and I bet you will be glad you did.

Does Someone Have To Accept Payment On Cash App?


Yes, someone has to accept your Cash App payment. This is required if you are transacting with that person for the first time. When you send a payment to someone on Cash App for the first time, the payment will be left pending till the recipient accepts it. It is only after acceptance that it can be said that a payment has been made. See how you can accept payment on Cash App below.


How To Accept Cash App Payments


Usually, Cash App payments are instant. That is, they are meant to show up or add up to your balance immediately after they are sent. However, you could sometimes check your activity tab after a payment is sent and find out that it is pending. Hence it is yet to show up in your balance. 

In this case, Cash App requires you to take a little more action to complete the payment. To accept payment on Cash App, simply navigate to the Activity Tab, click on the pending payment, and tap Accept. With this, the money will be added to your Cash App account balance and on the end of the sender, it will show “Transaction Completed”. So, you can see that it is very easy to accept payment on Cash App.  

How To Know That Your Cash App Payment Has Been Accepted?


Ok now, this is very simple. You will know that your Cash App payment has been accepted by checking its status on your Activity Tab. I know by now, you wouldn’t find it difficult to locate your Activity tab.

There you will find all transactions that you have made on the app. Simply click on each of them to see the status of the payment. If it has been accepted, it will show “Completed”. If not, its status will show Pending. 

What Does It Mean For My Payment Not To Be Accepted On Cash App?


While we gradually slide towards “what if someone doesn’t accept your payment on Cash App”, let’s look at what it means for your payment not to be accepted on the app.

When your payment has not been accepted on Cash App, it could mean one of two things. It is either Cash App is yet to approve your payment to such a person or the person is yet to click the accept button on their activity tab.

For the latter, it could be that the recipient is not aware of the payment or they are aware but don’t want to accept such payments. Note that payments can be rejected on Cash App by clicking “Decline” instead of accept on the Activity tab. See what you can do in such a situation as we proceed. 

What Happens If Someone Doesn’t Accept Your Cash App Payment?


Here is the bone of contention in this article “what if someone doesn’t accept your payment on Cash App”. In such a case, two things would happen. See them below.

Instant Refund

One of the actions that can take place if someone doesn’t accept your Cash App payment is that you will get an instant or immediate refund. This, however, happens only when the supposed recipient intentionally declines the payment. If the payment is also rejected by Cash App for some reason, it will be refunded immediately.

14 Days Refund

In another case, you will get a refund after 14 days, if your payment was not accepted on Cash App. This fortnight refund happens when the recipient doesn’t take any action concerning the payment for that long. This could be because they are yet to log in or they logged in but didn’t take note of the payment.  

What Can You Do If Someone Doesn’t Accept Your Payment On Cash App? 


Here is what to do if someone doesn’t accept your payment on Cash App.

Contact The Recipient.

The first action to take if the person you sent a payment to has not accepted it, is to contact the person. Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment platform. Hence it is expected that you transact with only those that you are familiar with. If that is the case, you should have their phone number or email address. Call or send a message to notify them of the payment. 

Check Your Account Status.

On the other hand, if the payment was declined by Cash App, it could be that your account is not verified. If that is the case, start your Cash App verification process immediately.

Check Your Cash App Payment Limit.

Your payment could also be declined by Cash App if you have exceeded your daily, weekly, or monthly limits. So check it and wait till it resets before sending the payment.

Contact Cash App

Lastly, if the problem is on the part of Cash App, contact the Cash App customer support team, for help. Provide proof that it is not a scam account or payment. And try to send the payment again. 

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Can I Cancel A Completed Payment On Cash App?


No, if the payment has been completed, you can no longer cancel it. This is because Cash App payments are instant. However, if the payment is still pending, you can cancel it and it will be refunded to your balance.

Can Someone Take Back Their Payment On Cash App?


 No, you can not take back your payment if it has been received by the other person. However, you can contact the recipient to send back your money.


“What if someone doesn’t accept your payment on Cash App?” The above question has been answered in the article above. Showing you that the money will be refunded. The time frame, criteria for refund, what to do in such a situation, and so much more have been discussed above. Read through them to know your next line of action.