Cash App Unable To Sign In On This Device ( 7 Quick Fix Guide )

It is no longer news that many Cash App users get the error message “Unable To sign in to this device” when they want to log in to their accounts. This situation is becoming very much rampant hence many people are left wondering the reasons for such and how it can be fixed. 

Don’t worry, that is the reason for this article. We have done so much research and have come up with great help for you. In this article, we will clearly explain the reasons for or causes of that error message.

Not only that, but you will also learn how to quickly fix it yourself. Yes, our quick fixes are in a do-it-yourself method. So let’s get into the details without wasting any more time.

What Is Cash App?


Cash App is one of the most popular peer-to-peer payment platforms. Like its counterpart Venmo, it is used for sending and receiving money between peers. It can also be used by businesses and also for direct deposits of payment checks among other functions.

It is safe to say that Cash App is a multi-functional finance app as it is also used for trading bitcoin and stock. No wonder it has over 20 million users in just a few years of its existence. 

Due to its large number of users, it is not surprising that the app experiences some technical issues sometimes. One of such very common errors experienced by users when they try to sign into their accounts on the app is “unable to sign in on this device cash app”. Why did you get this message? How can I get it fixed amicably? The answers to these and more questions are the basis of our discussion as we proceed. 

How To Sign In On Cash App


Before we proceed to see the details of the topic properly, let’s briefly remind you or refresh your memory with the correct way to sign in on Cash App. To sign in to Cash App, you will need to get the app installed on your device. After that, you will get your login information such as your username and password handy. With all of these ready, we can now proceed to sign in by taking the following steps. 

  • Open the app on your device (mobile phone, computer. mac, etc)
  • Enter your email address or phone number with which you opened the account in the field provided.
  • Enter your one-time password into the box provided
  • Click on Sign in.

With these steps taken, you should be able to access your account. However, if you get an error message that says “Cash App unable to sign in to this device, then there is a problem. See some of the most likely reasons below.

Why Does My Cash App Says Unable To Sign In On This Device?


There are many reasons why you are getting the error message that makes you unable to log in to your Cash App account. I will briefly state some of them below. Also, we will see the detailed explanation of each of them in the next section. Some of the reasons why you are unable to sign in to Cash App on your device are

  • No, poor, or unsafe internet connection.
  • Outdated Cash App version 
  • You have logged in to your Cash App account with multiple devices.
  • Operating System glitches
  • Multiple Apps running in the background.

So, these are some of the common reasons for that error message. See the details of the problems and how to fix them in the following section. 

How To Fix Cash App Unable To Sign In On This Device


Having seen the causes of the error message “Cash App unable to sign in on this device”, let’s now see how to fix them in the following ways. 

Cash App Unable To Sign In On This Device

Check Your Internet Connection


It was noted earlier that no, poor, or unsafe internet connection is one of the most likely causes of such an error message. When you haven’t connected your device to the internet, there is no way that your app will function.

Also, if it is connected to an internet source but the signal is too weak, the app will not function properly. And lastly, if an internet source such as public wifi is unsafe, your app will also malfunction. So check your connection and make sure you are using your cellular data when signing in. 

Update Cash App.


You would also get “Cash App unable to sign in to this device if your app has not been updated for a long time. Most mobile apps do not function properly when a new version is released.

So go to either your Play Store or App Store and get the app updated. If this solution is still unable to fix it, do not give up! The next paragraph has another suggestion. 

Log Out Of Other Devices.


Cash App has a restriction on the number of devices that you can log in to at the same time. So if you are logged in to other devices, ensure to log out before signing in on this device. 

Stop Background Apps.


When you have other apps running in the background, it can still result in getting “unable to sign in on this device cash app”. Therefore, you can fix it by stopping other background apps from running. The method of closing background apps varies from one device to the other. So, get acquainted with yours and get that done.



Try the use of a VPN if you are signing in from another country other than the US and UK. This is because Cash App is not allowed in some countries. Hence, signing in is difficult. However, VPN will help you to bypass your country’s address.

iOS Or Android System Glitches.


If you have tried all else and it does not allow you to sign in, then it could be an issue with your operating system. You can fix this by updating it or using a third-party app that can be of help.

Other solutions are

  • Reinstall your Cash App
  • Try “Forgot Password”
  • Check if Cash App’s server is down.
  • Clear Cash App’s Cache

With all of these solutions, we believe that the issue of “Cash App unable to sign in to this device” will be solved. If it persists, do well to contact cash app support for assistance. 

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“Cash App unable to sign in to this device” is a common and very frustrating problem. In this article, we have shown you some of the causes of this problem and how you can fix them in over 7 ways. I hope this comes as a great relief to you.