How Do I Recover My Cash App Account With Cashtag?


How do i recover my cash app account with cashtag? The above is one of the commonest questions asked by Cash App users on the internet today. If you are one of those who want to get, not just an answer but the most accurate and straightforward guide on how to get back your cash app account, then you should not skip this for anything in the world. 

Right here, we will assure you of the possibility of using your cashtag to get back your account and also show you how that can easily be done. So, stay glued to your screen as I take you through it. 


Cash App is one of the fastest and most reliable peer-to-peer payment apps. It was launched about a decade ago and currently has over 20 million users with an ever-growing population. 

Cash App accounts are easy to create and use. This is because not so much information is required of you. However, you will have to enter your email address or phone number where other information such as a one-time password will be sent to you. You will create a username otherwise called $cashtag. This cashtag serves as your account name and identity on the app.   

However, for some reasons including Cash App hacks, scams, forgotten passwords, other login credentials, etc, you could no longer access your account. It is in cases like this that users ask “how do I recover my Cash App account with a cashtag?” The answer to this is the focus of this article. So read with me to learn how to get back your Cash App account.   

Can I Recover My Old Or Hacked Cash App Account?


Yes, you can recover your Cash App account. if you lost access to your Cash App account probably because it was hacked or because you stopped using it for a long time and are unable to remember all of its information, you can also recover it. 

Cash App has designed its platform in a way that even if you lost immediate access to your account you can still recover it using some of the details of the account in your possession. See more on this in the next paragraph.

Can I Recover My Cash App Account With Cashtag?


Before we answer this question, I will like to give a brief explanation of what a cashtag is. If you are familiar with the use of Cash App you will know that there could be times when two or more people have the same $cashtag. This is because, like your usual name, a cashtag is your Cash App username. It is the name that your account is known with. 

The cashtag is used to identify your account hence if anyone wants to transact with you on the app, your username is first required. The cashtag is not case sensitive and not so much of vital information to the safety of your account since it is meant to be given to anybody that wants to send money to you. 

With that said, I know you can guess our answer to the question above already. It, therefore, implies that it is not possible to recover your Cash App account with cashtag. Keep reading as we explain more about this in the next paragraph. 

How Do I Recover My Cash App Account With Cashtag?


Still, on how to recover Cash App accounts with cashtag, let’s further buttress the point made above. You can not recover an old or lost Cash App account with just its cashtag. This is also what happens with all other social media or internet accounts like Venmo. 

The cashtag is meant to help other users to identify you. It has no business with the security of your account. 

Therefore if you lost access to your account, you will need more than just it to get it back. I know you want to know how you can get your account. See it in the next paragraph.

Requirements To Recover Cash App Accounts


We established earlier that it is possible to recover your Cash App account. However, that can’t be done with your $cashtag. So, let’s at this juncture, look at the requirements that can be used to recover your Cash App account. 

The requirements needed to get back access to your old Cash App account are

  • Your phone number that was used in opening the account
  • Your email address.
  • Linked bank account

With this information intact, let us proceed to the steps.

How Do I Recover My Cash App Account?


We told you above that the answer to “how do I recover my Cash App account with cashtag” is not possible. And went ahead to show you that with the requirements above, you can get back your account. See how to use them below.

  • Get another Cash App account. This could be that of your friend or family. You can also decide to open a new account.
  • Tap on the profile icon on the home screen
  • Scroll down and click on Sign Out
  • Now enter either the phone number or the email address associated with the account you wish to recover.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm your identity and account information till you fully recover your account. 

How Do I Recover My Cash App Account With An Email And Phone Number?


If you have lost your phone number and email address associated with the account that you need to recover, you can still get it using the steps below

  • Download Cash App on your phone or computer and set up a new account.
  • Verify the account and request a Cash Card.
  • Now in the section where you are asked to link your bank account, use the same debit card that was linked to your old account.
  • Go to your profile section by clicking on the profile icon on the home page.
  • Scroll down and click on support.
  • Select “something else”
  • Now, tap on ‘can’t access account’.
  • Click on ‘contact support’
  • Send a request to activate an old Cash App account by email.
  • An email will be sent to you by the support team to verify the details of your old account.
  • After this, the old and the new accounts will be merged. 

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Why Did Cash App Close My Account?


Cash App could close your account if you have violated any of their terms of service or are a victim of reverse banning. However, if you are not sure of the reason, contact Cash App support to know about it. 

Can I Recover A Deleted Cash App Account?


Yes, you can recover a deleted Cash App account but it is usually a long process that can take a few days. So you have to be patient to get it all.


We have succeeded in answering the question ”how do I recover my Cash App account with cashtag” stating that it is not possible to do that. However, we explained several other ways that you can recover your Cash App with or without email and phone numbers.