What Do Cash App Transactions Look Like On Bank Statement


Are you one of those seeking a clear and straightforward answer about Cash App transactions with your bank account? Hence, you are asking “how does cash app show on bank statement?” You don’t have to worry or search any further because this blog post has the best answer that you seek. 

Herein, you will learn the simplest way to find your Cash App transactions on your bank statements among other very important information surrounding your bank account and your Cash App. So stay tuned and read with me to the end.


As technology advances, it is no longer surprising that many people have embraced the idea of digital banking as opposed to going to the banking hall for financial transactions. Such transactions can now be made from the comfort of your home, offices, or wherever you are through the use of your mobile phone or computer devices. 

Also, these advancements have led to the development of mobile applications that are used to carry out such transactions. And Cash App is one such app. With Cash App, your financial transactions are just with a few clicks. The most interesting part of it is that you can link your bank account to the app. Thereby making the transfer of money to and from either of them very easy. 

However, this has raised a lot of questions prominent among which is “what do Cash App transactions look like on bank statement?” The answer to this question is our focus in this article. So join us as we show you all that you need to know and even more. 

Does Cash App Show Name On Bank Statement?


Yes, Cash App shows your name on your bank statement. The name that appears on your bank statement is the name that you have associated with your Cash App account. This is the name that you used when you created your account and verified your identity.

The name that appears on your bank statement will be followed by the phrase “CashApp*”. For example, if your name is John Doe, your Cash App transactions will show up on your bank statement as “CashApp*John Doe”.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can use a different name on Cash App than your legal name. However, it is important to note that your bank statement will still show the name that you used to verify your identity.

What Do Cash App Transactions Look Like On Bank Statement?


We said above that your bank statement will show the details of transactions made with Cash App. I know you are interested in getting answers to “how Cash App show on bank statements”

A Cash App bank statement will typically include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Cash App account number
  • The date and time of each transaction
  • The amount of each transaction
  • The name of the person or business you sent money to
  • A description of the transaction
  • A fee, if any, that was charged for the transaction

However, the name that will show on the statement isn’t going to be “Cash App”. This is because Cash App is not a bank hence it is not FDIC-issued. It partners with some banks for the issuance of debit cards. It is the name of the partnering bank that will be on your bank statement. See the name of the bank in the next paragraph. 

Cash App Bank Name That Appears On Bank Statement


The Cash App bank name that will appear on your bank statement is that of the associating bank that helps to maintain all Cash App accounts. As we noted earlier, Cash App partners with some banks to help manage the app and issue debit cards. 

So when transactions are made from Cash App to and from your bank account, it is the name of the associated bank that shows up on your statement. 

The name that you will find there is Lincoln Savings Bank. Lincoln Savings banks help Cash App to control Direct Deposits, sending and receiving money, as well as withdrawals from Cash App accounts. So when you view your bank statement and find Lincoln, know that such a transaction is from Cash App. 

How To Link Your Bank Account To Cash App


We stated in the introductory section above that before you can make any form of financial transaction between your bank account and Cash App, you must link the accounts. This makes the process of sending and receiving between the both of them easy. Below are the steps to take to link your bank account to Cash App

  • Open your Cash App and click on the profile icon on the home screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Link Bank Using A Debit Card
  • On The next page, you will be asked to enter your username and password.
  • Then proceed to the next step where you will find various bank options. Select your bank from the list presented or manually search for it.
  • Enter your login credentials and click submit.
  • A verification email will be sent to you. Follow not the prompts to complete the verification till the end.

With this, you have successfully linked your bank account to Cash App. So you can go ahead and load your Cash App account from your bank account.

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How To Check Cash App Transaction Statement


You can also check your transaction statement otherwise called History on Cash App using the following steps. 

  • Open your Cash App and tap on the profile icon on the home page. 
  • Select “Personal” from the given options. 
  • Navigate downward and choose a “document”. 
  • Now select “Monthly Statement”
  • Select the month of interest. 
  • And follow the prompts. 

Can I Download My Cash App History?


Yes, as much as you can not delete your Cash App History, it can be downloaded for reference purposes. See how to do it here


This article has succeeded in answering the question “how does Cash App show on bank statements?” We told you that you will find Lincoln Savings Bank or your routing and account number. I hope after reading this, you will have no other problem with finding Cash App on your bank statement.