My Cash App Was Hacked, What Do I Do? [ Read This Now ]

I understand how frustrating it could be when your account is hacked. Especially an account where you have your funds stored. If you are a victim of Cash App hack and you are wondering about the possibility of getting back your money or your account information, then read this article. 

Among other vital information that this post has addressed is the question of “my cash App account was hacked, what do I do?”. So sit back, relax, and read through it all as we show you the steps to take when you find yourself in such a situation and how to prevent such an occurrence in the future. 

Cash App as you know is a peer-to-peer payment platform with over 20 million users in the United States and other parts of the world. This large number has given rise to so many because on the app amount which is the Cash App hack. 

Cash App hack is the terminated to describe the unauthorized breakage and access to someone else’s account on Cash App. This is usually done by fraudsters in the bid to get the money of their victims. It is a common problem today. Let’s see how possible it is to have someone’s Cash App as we begin.

Can Someone Hack My Cash App Account?


The answer to that is a very big and resounding Yes. Someone can hack your Cash App account. However, this does not mean that the app is not safe or secure as modalities advanced fraud detection systems, account encryption, etc have been put in place to make sure that your funds are protected while using the app. 

Nevertheless,  internet fraud is on a daily increase hence the need to be vigilant.  Since there are daily reports of Cash App hacks. Let’s see how they do this quickly in the next paragraph. 

How Do Scammers Hack Cash App Accounts?


Seeing that there are security features on the app, the only way that scammers can hack your Cash App account is when they get access to your account details or information. Information such as your account PIN, password, phone lock, etc are case sensitive and hence should not be disclosed to anyone. 

Also, your email address and your $cashtag (username) could be used to hack your account indirectly. So, always thread carefully when disclosing your Cash App information. But if it happens, see what to do in the next paragraph. 

My Cash App Was Hacked, What Do I Do?


Seeing that there are many tactics employed by these fraudsters to get access to your account on Cash App, it is best to keep your account safe. However, if your account was hacked, don’t worry, take the following helpful actions.

  • Contact Cash App Support


The first step or action that you should take immediately after you notice that your Cash App account has been hacked is to contact the support team of Cash App. Here you will be advised on every action that is needed to keep your account safe.

The  Cash App support will also give you the possibility of getting your money back as well as all other information about the security of your funds at that moment. Here is how to contact Cash App support. 

You can do that through the mobile app by taking the following steps. 

  • Log in to your Cash App
  • Tap on the profile icon on the home page. 
  • Click on Support. 
  • Select “start a chat and send a message” from the options provided. 
  • Alternatively, navigate to the issue from the list of issues provided and click on “Contact Support”.

Another way to contact Cash App support is through phone calls. This method is faster as you will get on-the-spot support. However, it is only available to customers whose accounts have gone through the Cash App verification process. The number to call here is 1 (800) 969-1940. 

Lastly, you can visit their official website at Or visit any of the following social media pages. 

  • Change Your Cash App Account Password


The next action to take after you have contacted support and are waiting for the next line of action is to change the password of your account. This time, make sure that the new password is strong enough to enable the possibility of a third party being able to guess it. Always include numbers and characters in your password as well to make it stronger. 

If you lost your phone number in the process, you could block it or recover it. This is because, with the phone number, there is the possibility that hackers can get access to your new password. 

Also, ensure that you change the password of your email address and any other account connected to your Cash App account. As that could be a means to access your account again. 

  • Activate Two Factor Authentication


It is also very important that you take the action of enabling two-factor authentication on your Cash App to prevent further occurrences and access to your account. 

The importance of this authentication is that it gives your account further security apart from your password. This is because, with it, a code will be sent to you either through your email or phone number. And without that code, it is not possible to log into your account. Here are the steps to take in activating two-factor authentication. 

  • Log in to your Cash App 
  • Go to the settings tab and click on “Security”
  • Scroll down on the security page and click on “two-factor authentication”
  • Now toggle the “Enable Authy” option to activate. 
  • Follow the prompts to provide other information like your email and phone number till the process is complete. 

Can I Get My Money Back If My Cash App Was Hacked?


If your Cash App account got hacked and your money was stolen, there are chances that you will get your money back. Although the possibility is very thin there is always no harm in trying. Therefore, to get your money back, you can take any of the following actions. 

  • Contact Cash App support through any of the methods explained above. 
  • Request a refund from the scammer
  • File a police report. 
  • Notify your bank (the bank account that was linked to Cash App. 
  • Report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

How To Protect Your Cash App Account From Getting Hacked


Serving that the only possibility of your Cash App a court getting hacked is through the disclosure of your information. The following are some ways to prevent such a hack. 

  • Transact only with trusted people on Cash App. 
  • Do not disclose your account details to anyone. 
  • Ensure that your device has a lock 
  • Enable two-factor authentication and a strong password. 
  • Do not participate in phony Cash App giveaways. 
  • Do not click on unsolicited links. 


Will Cash App Return My Money If Scammed?


You might get your money back if scammed on Cash App if Cash App was able to stop the transaction before it was received by the other party. However, if the transaction was successful, you can request a refund. With this, you will get your money back instantly when it is refunded.

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Can Someone Hack My Cash App With Just My Email?


No, with only your email address, your account cannot be hacked. However, it could be used as an indirect way of getting other information through which your account can be hacked. 


I got scammed on Cash App, what do I do? Many vital steps can be taken to protect your funds. All of which have been discussed above. So take action today if you have fallen victim to Cash App hack.