Venmo Transfer Limit 2023 [ Daily, Weekly & Monthly ]

Have you been using the venmo app for quite a while now and perhaps you seem to be unaware of the venmo transfer limit? Probably you haven’t exceeded your venmo account limits, this might be the reason why you haven’t really noticed this.

However, what if the limit of your venmo transaction count gets exceeded at a certain time, what do you need to do, what are the ways to get rid of these and other related queries regarding this topic would be relatively discussed in the article below. Kindly stay tuned so as to grab this information. 

Venmo app is simply a peer-to-peer digital payment network that is widely trusted by most citizens of the United States for carrying out their financial activities.

With their services, customers are allowed to send and receive money within the twinkle of an eye and it also ensures transactions reach the right destination at the allocated time. 

How Does Venmo Mobile App Work?


If you are a novice regarding the operation of venmo application, you need to pay attention to this segment of the article below. Basically, Venmo is a money-sending app that you can use to pay and request money from your friends. 

In spite of venmo transaction limit, the financial services company is actually safe to use and does not necessarily require a certain amount of fee to authorize their transactions. It’s totally a free to use platform. 

In addition to this, you will be required to register as a new user if this is your first time making use of their financial services. Note that the company’s mobile application is available on both Android and iOS devices as you can proceed to download it for free. 

Linking your debit or credit card with venmo will also be a necessary criteria to aid your financial activities. With this brief insight on venmo, a novice should definitely be able to make something up from this as we proceed to the focus point of this article. 

What Are Venmo Transfer Limit?


In order to break this down into simple words, Venmo transfer limits are just the total transactions or maximum amount of funds that can be authorized or conducted within a certain amount by the customer. This is the accumulated daily or weekly limit which is permitted by the financial services company. 

If you have an account that has not gone through a certain verification process, venmo will definitely place transaction limits on the account. Note that there are different transaction limits that can be placed on various venmo accounts. Some basic venmo transaction limits include:.

  • Sending Limit
  • Receiving Limit
  • Debit MasterCards Limit, and some categories which emphasis will definitely be made on in the other sections of the article below.

The whole sending and receiving limits are done on a daily and weekly basis in accordance with the digital payment service. This typically means that if you perhaps exceed your assigned venmo transfer limit, a customer will have to wait for at least a week for your transaction to get refiled.

Moreover, you need to be aware that despite Venmo transaction limits, the virtual wallet provider can not limit the amount of money a customer can receive via their Venmo account. This is the major exception. 

Categories Of Venmo Transfer Count Limits


Depending on the type of account a customer holds with venmo, there are different transaction limits that come with the different categories of venmo accounts. Below are the types of venmo accounts that are assigned with different limitations. 

  • Limit for personal account
  • Limit for business account

You need to be aware that there are quite similar characteristics of these accounts, and this is the fact that both accounts can get verified at will. 

However, the personal account is recommended for a regular United States citizen, while the business account should be opened by people with either small or large scale businesses. 

Venmo Transfer Limit For Personal Accounts


If you are a customer that signed up for a personal venmo account, you have a venmo transaction limit on your account which requires you to only spend up to $300 a week. You won’t be able to make further transactions above $300 unless you verify your account. The following are the venmo transaction limits for personal accounts below:

  • Authorized Merchant Purchases Limits
  • Person-to-Person Transfers Limits
  • Bank Transfer Limits

Now, let’s quickly explain them in details, carefully read to comprehend it;

  • Authorized Merchant Purchases Limit

The maximum weekly expenditures of authorized merchant purchases is approximately $6,999.99. Meanwhile, you will be only allowed to make purchases with a maximum of $2,999.99 per transaction limit. 

Note the above increased limits will only be authorized after the verification process of your personal venmo account.

  • Person-to-Person Transfers Limit

Just as it has been stated above, these limits will only take place following your account verification. Regarding peer-to-peer transfers limits, there is basically a maximum weekly expenditure of exactly $4,999.99 alongside a $5000 limit for every transaction.

Venmo Transfer Limit For Business Accounts


Perhaps you own a small or large scale business and you have a venmo account opened in the United States. Despite being a business account owner, there will still be limitations attached to your business account. Below are the venmo transaction limit on business accounts:

  • Standard and Instant Bank Transfer Weekly Limit
  • Person-to-Person Weekly Limits
  • Standard and Instant Bank Transfer Weekly Limit

Careful read the limit placed in standard and instant bank transfer weekly;

With regards to business accounts, the weekly limit is basically focused on a rolling calendar week. Your weekly limits on your standard and instant bank transfer is approximately $999.99 if your business account is not verified. 

However, if you have a verified business account, your weekly limits on your standard and instant bank transfer will be skyrocketed to a whopping sum of $49,999.99. 

  • Person-to-Person Weekly Limit

If you are willing to make transactions of funds from peer to peer with your business account, you need to know that there is a certain weekly limit attached to this whether or not you have a verified business account. 

However, unverified business accounts can only undergo a weekly person to person transaction at $2,499.99 maximum. While those that have gotten their business accounts verified would be able to increase their limit to $24,999.99.

Meanwhile, aside from the limitations even without verifying your identity, users can still make transactions and transfer money from their Venmo app to their bank accounts.

What Are The Reasons For Venmo Transaction Limit?


You might be wondering why your personal or business account transactions have been limited by venmo. Meanwhile, there are some positive reasons for this, which have been highlighted below. 

  • For Security Purposes

There might be possibilities that an unauthorized person may be trying to use your account for fraudulent activities. So long your account has been limited, the rate at which the unknown intruder will be able to tamper with your funds will significantly be reduced.

  • For Identity Verification

You need to know that the financial services company, venmo, has been obliged to collect certain information from their users in order to verify their identities. This is another reason for venmo transaction limit. 

How To Reset/Increase Venmo Transfer Limit?


If you have somehow been affected by these limitations, there is a way for you to lift it by following a few procedures in the particular segment of the content. In order to get rid or increase your venmo transaction limits, you will be required to Confirm Your Identity.

Now the main question is, how can I confirm my identity to lift my account limits. You can do this by going through the verification process below.

  • You’ll need to provide proof of your identity before you can make large transactions or lift your account limits.
  • If you already have an account on venmo app, go to your dashboard and locate the “me” tab. 
  • Click on your picture or enlarge the details around it.
  • At the top right corner of your screen, click on the settings gear and proceed to identify verification.
  • Follow the guidelines to complete your identity verification. Note that this may only take a few minutes to complete.

Note that you can’t verify your identity with venmo website as this can only be done with their mobile application. After your account verification is complete a limit of $4,999.99 per week on a rolling basis will be applied to all transactions.

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Do Cardholders Have Venmo Transaction Limits Attached?


You need to know that there are also some separate limits on the Venmo Mastercard debit card apart from the venmo transaction limits on accounts. 

  • A $400 daily limit for Atm withdrawals is attached.
  • This also applies to retail purchases and cash-back.
  • An additional limit which includes a $3000 daily purchase limit.
  • Cardholders also can’t authorize more than 30 transactions on a daily basis.



In a bid to put an end to this wonderful article, a summary of the above content on venmo transaction count limits, the categories of venmo transaction limits, and reasons for venmo transaction limits will be given below.

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