Venmo Free Money: How To Get Free Money On Venmo In 2023

One of the things that most people look out for when choosing a mobile payment platform is the fact that they can make a few bucks from them. This could range from referrals to giveaways and other methods of making free money. And the popular online payment method, Venmo, is no exception to this rule. 

Ever since it was founded in the year 2009, the peer to peer online payment network has grown to become pretty popular especially between families as it was made to help make simple financial transactions between families, friends and acquaintances. 

The mobile payment service has provided several ways for its users to make free money. And here in this article, I will be sharing with you everything that you need to know about the free Venmo money program, all the ways you can make free money on Venmo.

Can I Get Free Venmo Money?


Yes, you can actually get free money on Venmo. However, this is if and only if you are qualified for it, as most of the free Venmo money earning methods have several requirements for you to start getting the cash.

How Does Venmo Free Money Work?


Basically, there are several methods of getting free Venmo money. And each of these methods work differently.

But generally, you get some free money into your Venmo account without exchanging a service, or any item for it.

Requirements To Get Free Venmo Money


There are a few requirements that must be met for you to get the free Venmo money. Although not all these requirements are going to be met on one method, it is safe to ensure that you meet all the requirements if you intend to get the free Venmo method from all the methods that I will be showing you.

  • You must be up to 18 years old 
  • You must be a resident of the United States of America
  • You must possess a mobile phone that can operate within the United States and that can send and receive text messages. 
  • Your phone number must not be linked to a different or another Venmo account
  • Your Venmo mobile app must be the latest version (you can download it on the Google Play Store for your android devices, and the Apple App store for your iOS devices).
  • You must have a few persons which you can refer to sign up on the Venmo platform (Optional)
  • You most have an Instagram account (Optional)

How To Get Free Money On Venmo


There are several methods of making some free Venmo money, which in return, will be transferred into your Venmo account and of which you can then make use of. Below are the four ways on how to make the free Venmo money –

 1. Venmo Giveaways

One of the methods of making free Venmo money is via getting or winning giveaways. Everyday, a lot of Instagram accounts make giveaways for their fans. These giveaways could be of any amount. Ranging from $1 to $100, and in some cases, even more. 

Although an Instagram account is not a prerequisite, using an Instagram to source for these giveaways will increase your chances of getting more giveaways.

To win Venmo giveaways on Instagram, simply follow the procedures of the giveaway and at the end, submit your Venmo user so as to get the free money.

Note: some Venmo free money giveaways on Instagram are also likely to be scam as well. So you will need to do some research on it.

 2. Venmo Referrals

Another way of making free money into your Venmo account is  via referrals. Via this method, for every person that you bring as a referral to register for the Venmo credit card program, you get $50 free. 

With this method, you do not need to wait for people to send you money on Venmo before you can make money on the platform.

Although the money is 100% free, it will take about 24 hours and in some cases, 2 weeks for Venmo to finish processing the transaction and then send you your referral money of $50.

 3. Venmo Games

You can also earn money on Venmo by playing and testing games. To get the free money, you will have to download the game onto your device.

Note: these are mainly offers. And there is an available time for you to claim your reward

 4. Venmo Surveys


Venmo also gives free money to their users whenever they answer survey questions on their platform. Via this method, you are mainly answering questions from Venmo partners.

Venmo Free Money Code


What those asking what is Venmo promo code free money? How can I get Venmo free money code etc. Well, the code you can use to get free Venmo money is your Venmo referral code. We have explained it in the above paragraph, use your referral code to invite your friends and earn money.

Can I Withdraw Free Venmo Money?


Yes, you can withdraw the Venmo money. The money is all yours and as soon as it drops, you are very free to withdraw it if you want.

Is there Charges For Venmo Free Money Withdraw?


No, there will be no withdrawal charges if you withdraw the free Venmo money. And there are no hidden fees or charges either.

Is Venmo Free Money Real?


Yes, the free Venmo money is 100% real. However, depending on which method you choose to get the free money, you may get scammed or in some cases, have your Instagram account hacked.

Does Free Venmo Money Work?


Yes, the free Venmo money works. And it actually depends on the method that you choose to do. However, getting free Venmo money via giveaways on Instagram and other social media platforms, is most likely going to take your time.

Is Venmo Free Money Actually Free?


Yes, the Venmo free money is actually free. You do not have to pay money to participate in it.

Is There A Hidden Fee On The Free Venmo Money?


No, there is no hidden fee or charges on the free Venmo money. Everything is made clear and there is no charge.

Is Venmo Free Money Meant For Everyone?


No, the free Venmo money is not meant for everyone as there are a few criteria for it. However, anyone who passes this criteria can choose to participate in it.

Are There Conditions For The Free Venmo Money?


Yes, there are conditions for the free Venmo money. 

How Do You Get 50 Dollars On Venmo?


You get 50 dollars on Venmo via referrals. Venmo referrals pays 50 dollars straight into your Venmo account.

How Do I Get My $100 Free Venmo Money?


You can also get your $100 free Venmo money by bringing two referrals. This money will then be paid into your Venmo account, after it has been processed.

How Do You Get 10$ Free On Venmo?


You can get the 10$ free on Venmo by participating in surveys or playing games. The money will then be paid into your Venmo account.

Can I Get Scammed Trying To Get The Free Venmo Money?


Yes, you can get scammed while trying to get the free Venmo money. And you are most likely going to be scammed through giveaways.

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There’s no doubt’ that you have learnt how to get free Venmo money, just as I said earlier” it’s very legit. You can get free Venmo money by referring your friends, playing games, completing a survey and more.