Paypal Pay In 4 Not Showing Up 2023 ( Why & How To Fix It )

I have been using PayPal for the past four years, and I can practically tell you that’ I have learned almost everything about PayPal. Ranging from how to create account, verify it, send and receive money” not excluding fixing issues like paypal pay in 4 not showing up” that may occur while using the online banking app.


No doubt, paypal pay in 4 is one of the outstanding features that marks the mobile banking app an exception to others. And in a situation where you can’t find or access the feature, it becomes worrisome. But you don’t need to be worried, as this content will help you solve this within few minutes.

Why Is PayPal Pay In 4 Not Showing Up?


There are some possible reasons your PayPal pay in 4 is not showing up, or available. Which is what I will be pointing out in these paragraphs, carefully read them below;

Account Verification

There are lots of features you can’t access while using PayPal account that’s not fully verified, and PayPal pay in 4 is among them. If you’re living in United States I guess PayPal account verification shouldn’t be an issue to you.

It’s very easy, you can start by linking your credit card or bank account and completing the verification process.


Ineligible Transactions

Using PayPal pay in 4, in an ineligible transactions doesn’t work most times, it’s only available for certain eligible transactions. E.g, making purchases from participating merchants.

Hence, PayPal pay in 4 may not show up whenever you try using it on ineligible transaction.

Technical Issues

Sometimes PayPal pay in 4 not showing up error isn’t from your end, it may be technical issues that need to be fix from their end or by contacting PayPal customer service.

Also this feature availability may depend on County and merchant, it may not be available for those who aren’t in United States. However, it’s advised to reach out to their customer support for more guidelines.


Obviously, PayPal Pay in 4 is a credit product. Hence, your eligibility may depend on your creditworthiness. If your credit score is low or you have a history of missed payments, you may not be eligible for PayPal Pay in 4.

How To Fix paypal pay in 4 not showing up


We have pointed out some of the reasons your PayPal pay in 4 isn’t showing up or available. Now that you have learnt where the issue comes from, I believe solving it will be very easier for you. Let’s get started with guidelines on how to resolve it:

Make Sure You’re Above 18yrs

As stated in their terms and conditions” you are not allowed to use PayPal if you’re not above 18yrs. Because, those below 18yrs, can’t have access to government issued card and there’s no way you can verify your PayPal account and start having access to PayPal pay in 4 features.

Now, if the issue is as a result of underage PayPal account, you will have to change your age. Otherwise use eligible PayPal account.

Verify Your PayPal Account

Just as I said earlier, you can’t access PayPal pay in 4 feature with unverified PayPal account. It’s impossible, kindly provide them with necessary information needed for PayPal verification and verify your account. Otherwise, you won’t see the feature.

You Must Live In United States

PayPal pay in 4 feature is available only for those in United States, other countries using this payment platform with the help of premium VPN may not have access to pay in 4.

In this case, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Yes, don’t bother searching for how to find it, because you can’t use the PayPal pay in 4 outside USA.

Contact PayPal Customer Support

Let me be real to you here, the best way to fix PayPal pay in 4 not showing up is by reaching out to their customer service. They will check your account, figure out exactly what the issue is and tell you what to do.

PayPal Pay In 4 Walmart Not Showing Up?


If you are not able to see PayPal Pay in 4 option while checking out at Walmart, there could be a few reasons for this:

  • Your PayPal account is not eligible for Pay in 4: PayPal Pay in 4 is not available for all PayPal users. The eligibility for the service depends on various factors, including your creditworthiness and transaction history with PayPal. If you are not eligible for PayPal Pay in 4, you won’t see the option at Walmart.
  • Walmart does not support PayPal Pay in 4: While Walmart does accept PayPal as a payment method, it may not offer the Pay in 4 option. You can check with Walmart’s customer service to confirm whether the option is available.
  • Technical issues: There may be a technical glitch preventing the PayPal Pay in 4 option from appearing. You can try clearing your browser cache and cookies, or try accessing Walmart’s website from a different browser or device.

If you are still unable to see the PayPal Pay in 4 option, you can contact PayPal customer support for further assistance.

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I will be wrapping up the content here, and I believe you have learnt the seasons for paypal pay in 4 not showing up? And things to do whenever you encounter such issues. You can check our related articles for more on Paypal.