How To Find Netspend Routing Number & Account Number

Are you tired of seeking information about the Netspend Routing number? Do you want to know its uses and where to find your Netspend routing number? Hey dear, take a sigh of relief as me and my team has put this article together to furnish you with every information that you seek.

You will agree with me that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. So let’s get straight into it and consume all the interesting information. Netspend is an online financial institution that has been providing banking services to millions of people for a long time.

It was established in the 90s but has grown over the decades in its size, structure, and services. Among its many functions is the provision of a prepaid debit card  and card account. The card can be reloaded and used like your bank debit card.

However, many Netspend users seem not to know and easily find the Netspend bank routing number. This post will give you the simplest explanation ever, clearly show you the Netspend routing number for those in different parts of the US, and answer all your questions regarding the Netspend routing number as you read through this post. If it’s a deal then let’s get started.

What’s Netspend Routing Number?


I would like to start by letting you understand what the Netspend Routing Number is, in clear terms. The Netspend routing number is a set of numbers that is used to identify the location of a bank and account.

The routing number is made up of 9 digits with the first four digits representing the federal routing. The next four represent the American Bank Association while the last digit represents Netspend. You will understand it better as we move to the uses of Netspend Routing Number.

Does Netspend Have A Routing Number?


We stated above that Netspend carries out banking activities and functions as a conventional bank. So since it is involved in those activities, then it sure has a routing number.

Therefore, to answer the question above, I will say YES, Netspend has a routing number. The next paragraph will show you the number and as we move on, you will also see how to find the number on your own.

What’s Routing Number For Netspend ?


Netspend Bank works in association with some banks to carry out its banking services. And as such, it uses the routing numbers of those banks. So your Netspend routing number depends on the associated bank that issued your Netspend card.

  • The Netspend Routing number for Metabank is 073972181.
  • Netspend routing number for Bancorp Bank is 031101114
  • The netspend routing number for International Bank (INB) is 114924742. This is also the Netspend transit routing number.

Is Netspend Routing The Same For Every User?


No, every Netspend card account holder does not have the same routing number. The cards are issued by different banks. So your Netspend routing number would be the routing number of your issuing bank.

What’s Netspend Routing Number Used For?


The following are some of the uses of the Netspend routing number.

To Locate An Account

The routing number shows where an account is located. When making any banking transaction, it wouldn’t be processed if the routing number is hidden.  Different banks use the routing number to identify themselves. No two banks have the same routing number.

For Direct Deposit

Netspend routing number is a requirement for the processing of Direct Deposits. Without it, your deposit would not be successful. You can give the routing number to your employer or anyone that wants to process a Direct Deposit to your Netspend card account.

For Processing Checks

Just like Direct Deposit, the processing of checks also requires the Netspend routing number.

For Interswitch And Domestic Transfers


It is the Netspend routing number that is used for any form of bank transfers including domestic and Interswitch.

How Can To Find My Netspend Routing Number?


There are several ways you can find your Netspend routing number. And I will be discussing 4 of them. So read carefully and use the one that is easier for you

Find Your Netspend Routing Number On Your Netspend Card Account


One of the easiest ways to find your Netspend routing number is by logging into your Netspend account. Since the routing number is used for direct deposit, it is wise that the Direct Deposit segment of your account would carry the number. See the steps to find your routing number on your account below. Note that this method is for those who have a Netspend card.

  • Log in to your Netspend card account.
  • Click on Menu on the dashboard.
  • Then tap Direct Deposit on the menu.
  • Click on the little gray box to find your Netspend routing and account number.

Wow, that was easy right. Read the next paragraph to see an easier method.

Find Your Netspend Routing Number Through Text


This is another way to find your Netspend routing number easily. This involves sending a message to Netspend. All you have to do here is to send DIRECT to the sortcode 22622 and you would be replied with a text showing your routing number.

However, this method works for only those who had previously registered or enrolled for Anytime Alert.

Find Netspend Routing Number Through Phone Calls


The last method of finding your Netspend routing number is by calling the Netspend toll-free number. The number is 1-866-387-7363. When you call, select the Direct Deposit option to get your routing number.

How To Find Netspend Routing Number On Your Card


Another easy way to find your Netspend routing number is at the back of your Netspend card. Simply get your card and see the number behind it.

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Is Netspend Routing Number Confidential?


No, your Netspend routing number shows the location of your account. It is the same for everyone in that location who uses the same bank and as such, it is not confidential.


We have succeeded in giving you a well-detailed and simple explanation of the Netspend Routing number and how to find yours in 4 ways. The post also clearly stated the various Netspend routing numbers as well as their uses while answering some of your questions. For more inquiries, you can contact Netspend via the phone number listed in the post above, or visit netspend.com

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