What Bank Can I Withdraw Money From My Emerald Card?

Are you one of those wondering and asking “What bank can I withdraw money from my Emerald Card?” Then worry no more as this guide will expose you to so many options to use. You will find out the banks to use, how to use them as well as those cost-free places to withdraw money from your Emerald card.

I am confident that you will love every part of this piece of article. So, take a deep breath of relief as we move into the details. 

Can I Take Money Off My Emerald Card At A Bank?


Yes, you can withdraw money from your Emerald Card. As you may have already known, the Emerald card is a prepaid debit MasterCard issued by H&R Block. It is used like every other debit card for the payments of used and services online and in stores. Majorly it is meant for the payment of tax returns and other forms of government benefits and direct deposits

The card can be reloaded in various reload locations, online, transferred from your linked bank account, and so much more.  However, you can also withdraw money from the card account for other purposes when you do not want to pay with your card. 

What Bank Can I Withdraw Money From My Emerald Card?


We earlier noted that the Emerald card can be used anywhere debit cards and MasterCards are accepted. Therefore, you can withdraw money from any bank that accepts debit card withdrawals. Below are some of those banks.  

  1. TD Bank
  2. Wells Fargo Bank ATM. 
  3. Fifth Third Bank.
  4. Axos Bank
  5. MoneyPass
  6. Alliance One
  7. Pulse ATM
  8. Alliance Plus ATM. 
  9. Any Cirrus ATM
  10. All Maestro ATM
  11. Transfund
  12. SUM, 
  13. Citibank Bank
  14. Chase Bank
  15. Bank Of America
  16. Capital One
  17. PNC Bank
  18. U.S Bank.
  19. Citizen Bank
  20. Truist Bank. 
  21. HSBC Bank
  22. BMO Harris Bank
  23. M&T Bank
  24. Region Bank 
  25. KeyBank. 

Where Can I Take Money Off My Emerald Card For Free?


While it is often discouraging to use the Emerald card at the ATM because of its high charge, there are a few banks that wouldn’t charge you any fee for withdrawals. In other words, these banks’ ATMs are surcharge-free hence there are no withdrawal fees for using your Emerald card. See some of them below. 

  • MoneyPass
  • Alliance One
  • Axos Bank
  • Transfund
  • SUM, etc. 

Emerald Card Bank Withdrawal Limit


If you want to withdraw money from any of the banks stated above, bear in mind that there is a limit. This limit is meant to control the amount of money that you can spend at a time. The maximum amount of money to withdraw from any bank’s ATM with your Emerald card is $3,000. Fair enough, it is higher than most banks with a limit of $1,000. 

Other Ways To Withdraw Money From Emerald Card. 


There are various ways to withdraw money from your Emerald Card. Let’s quickly consider some of them as we move on in this section.

By Transferring To Your Bank Account.

You can withdraw money from your Emerald card by sending or transferring the money to your bank account. After doing that, the next thing is to walk to your bank’s ATM or nearest location and withdraw the money.

Note that it must be to a savings account and you will have to fill out a wire transfer request form before you proceed. All of these are done either at the ATM or your Emerald card online account.

ATM withdrawal.

You can also withdraw money from your Emerald card by using the ATM. Sadly, there are no Emerald ATMs hence you will visit any other one near you to make the withdrawal. This usually attracts charges and the fees are more if it is an out-of-network ATM. We will see more about this in the next section. 

CashBack in stores.

Another way to withdraw from your Emerald card is by getting a cash bank in stores. This is really easy to do. All it requires is to tell the cashier at the checkout to debit more than you’ve bought and give you the balance in cash. 

Requesting A One-Time Check.

Lastly, you can withdraw money from your Emerald card by requesting a one-time check. That check can be cashed over the counter at any bank near you. To request this check, download the H&R Block mobile app and log in to your online account. Follow every prompt appropriately till you get the check. 

How Much Will I Be Charged For Withdrawing From My Emerald Card In Bank?


All ATM withdrawals attract a fee of $3 except it is a surcharge-free ATM. You will also pay an additional $1.5 if it is an out-of-network ATM. Some banks could charge you higher. Note that if you do not use your card for 60 days, you will be charged a $4.90 fee. 

Is Emerald Card Safe?


Yes, it is safe to use and save your money on Emerald cards. It is FDIC insured. Hence you don’t have to worry about losing your funds without a trace. Also, all government laws binding financial transactions apply to the use of Emerald cards. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Emerald Cards?


There are many benefits of using the Emerald Card. Apart from the fact that it is accepted anywhere debit cards are accepted, it comes with many rewards from the H&R Block company. Here are some specific benefits. 

  • It allows Cashback in stores
  • Easy review of past transactions as your card can be managed online. 
  • Allows you to add other cardholders to your account. 
  • It does not incur annual charges, overdraft fees, monthly fees, purchase fees, etc. 

Is Emerald Card Free?


Emerald Card is usually seen as a free card. This is because it does not attract monthly maintenance fees, no signature transaction fees, and of course, there are no PIN transaction fees. However, it comes with huge ATM withdrawal fees. This is because the bank does not have an official ATM. So using the ATMs of other Banks attract high charges except it is a surcharge-free ATM. 


Emerald card is seen as an affordable debit card with many benefits. So far, this article has answered the question “What bank can I withdraw money from my Emerald card?” It showed you 25 banks to use as well as others where you can withdraw money free of charge. I hope after reading this, you will locate the nearest ATM to get some cash.