Wells Fargo Swift Code – Wells Fargo Swift Code For international Wire Transfer

Are you looking for Wells Fargo swift code? We all know that swift codes are very important for several banking transactions. So read this article that has explained the Wells Fargo bank swift code in simple and clear words. I promise that after reading this post, you would have any reason to stress yourself searching anymore. So let’s get started.

You probably might have heard about the SWIFT code but you do not know what it means or how it is used. Or you know its uses but don’t know the Wells Fargo SWIFT code to use it or how to find it. We understand that learning is a gradual and continuous process. 

Therefore, this article was written to help you understand the Wells Fargo SWIFT code in detail. I will also show you where you can find the SWIFT code while exposing you to other interesting parts of the topic. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

What Is SWIFT Code?


A swift code is a unique code used to identify a bank in the processing of international money transfers. The swift code is also called the Bank Identifier Code (BIC). The bank uses this code to make sure that your money gets to the right destination during international money transfers. 

The Swift codes are issued and managed by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). Here is simply how it is used. If you want to send money to someone in another country you will need to enter the swift code of the person’s bank.

For instance, you live in the USA and you want to send money to someone in Mexico. You will enter the swift code of that person’s bank. It’s as simple as that. 

Does Wells Fargo Use A SWIFT Code?


Yes, Wells Fargo just like other banks has SWIFT codes that are used for processing both domestic and international wire transfers. This is different from its routing numbers. So if you are planning to send a wire transfer to any Wells Fargo bank, you would need its swift code.

I will show you how to find the Wells Fargo swift code shortly but first, let me show you how it looks. So continue reading.

Wells Fargo SWIFT Code


Now that you are aware of what the Wells Fargo swift code looks like. I know you will be eager to see it. They are Wells Fargo Bank, N.A SWIFT code is WFBIUS6SXXX. This is the swift code of the head office.

However, Wells Fargo uses other swift codes for different types of transactions. Hence it is necessary to confirm with the recipient or the bank before filling out the form for your wire transfer. The SWIFT code of any Wells Fargo branch has 11 characters.

Swift Code Wells Fargo


How To Use The Wells Fargo SWIFT Code


The swift code listed above is that of the head office hence it is made up of 8 characters. Each Wells Fargo branch has its code. In order not to get confused, it is advised that you use the SWIFT code of the head office when making international payments. This way, your payment would still be processed and sent to the right destination.

What Is SWIFT Code Used For?


You should have been able to get the uses of the swift code from the explanation above. But for emphasis, let me itemize some uses below. 

  • It is used by banks to exchange messages for transfers to take place.
  • Used for processing international wire transfers. 
  • It is used to identify the bank that the money is going to, especially when you are transferring from a different country. 

What Does Wells Fargo SWIFT Code Look Like?


That’s an interesting question to ask so that you don’t go about copying any code out there. All swift codes including the Wells Fargo Swift code are made up of alphabets and numbers. 

The swift code contains 11 digits or 8 characters. It carries at least 1 number while the others are alphabets. The last three alphabets are usually XXX. The swift code is divided into four parts. Let’s get the meaning of each part below. 

If the SWIFT is AAAA- BB-CC-DDD, for instance.

AAAA – the first four letters stand for the bank code. Which is the global presence of the bank. 

BB– the next two letters represent the country code. That is the country where the bank is located. In the case of Wells Fargo, you will find the US. 

CC– the next two characters which consist of letters and digits are the location codes. The location of the bank’s headquarters. 

DDD– the last three characters are the branch codes. This is usually optional.  

You will get a clearer view of what this means as I show you the Wells Fargo SWIFT code in the next paragraph. So continue reading. 

Where Can I Find Wells Fargo SWIFT Code?


The Wells Fargo SWIFT code is easy to find. You can find them using the following ways. 

  • On the Wells Fargo website at www.wellsfargo.com/help
  • On your bank statement. 
  • By visiting the bank in person. 
  • Online by searching various sites and blogs such as this. 
  • By calling the Wells Fargo customer service phone number on 800-869-3557.
  • You can also use the SWIFT code checker 


Can I Find The Wells Fargo SWIFT Code On A Check? 


No, the Wells Fargo SWIFT code is not written on your paper check. What you will find on your check are the routing number, bank account number, and check number. 

Is The Wells Fargo SWIFT Code The Same For All Branches?


No, each Wells Fargo branch has its unique SWIFT code. However, if you cannot find or are not sure of the branch’s code, you can use that of the head office WFBIUS6SXXX and your payment would still be delivered rightly. 

Is The Wells Fargo SWIFT Code The Same As the Routing Number?


No, the Wells Fargo routing number is not the same as the swift code. While the routing number is made up of figures, the swift code contains more letters with just one or two figures. 

Also, routing numbers are used for ACH transfers and other types of transactions but the swift code is only needed when making a wire transfer. You do not need a swift code to process local checks or any other type of electronic transfer. 

Do You Need The Wells Fargo SWIFT Code For International Transfers?


Yes, the Wells Fargo swift code is very necessary for international transfers. Without the swift Code, your bank wouldn’t be able to identify the bank where the money ought to go. That might amount to the displacement of funds. 

So alongside your name and account number, the Wells Fargo SWIFT code must be added when transferring money internationally. 


I believe that you have read through this article that has explained the Wells Fargo SWIFT code clearly to your understanding. It showed you the SWIFT code, where to find it, its uses, and its meaning. It also gave you the differences between the code and a routing number. Now you can go ahead and transact your wire transfer with a Wells Fargo customer hassle-free. 

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