Emerald Card ATM : Here’s 6 Emerald Card Free ATM

Read this article to see 6 best Emerald card ATMs that are free of charge. As you read through it carefully, you will also find information about the card, its fees as well as how to get it, and many other vital details.

Without wasting more time, let’s get into it the topic that brought you to this page today.

What Is The Emerald Prepaid MasterCard?


Emerald card is a prepaid debit card issued by H&R Block. This card is used for direct deposits of tax refunds which can be used all through the year, it is also used for making purchases as well as Cash withdrawals. It gives you quick and easy access to your funds. Not just that, the card is acceptable and can be used anywhere prepaid debit cards are accepted. Once gotten, this card serves a multi-purpose function that you will love. 

It is prepaid hence it can be reloaded. It is interesting to know that reloading the Emerald card is easy as you are presented with various options. Some of the options are 

  • adding money from your linked bank account
  • Visiting a reload location
  • Receiving a direct deposit from government benefits, payroll, unemployment, etc. 
  • Or through MyBlock mobile app. 

The card is insured by the FDIC and is protected from unauthorized transactions, thefts, and other forms of fraud. It can hold as much money as is permitted by law. I know your interest in the card is heightened already. Let’s see how to get the Emerald card. 

How To Get An Emerald Card


There are two ways to get an Emerald card ATM. Let’s run through them quickly as we proceed. 

Tax Office. 

One of the easiest ways to get the Emerald card is to visit the nearest H&R Block tax office. There you will be given the details of the requirements as well as the form to fill out. After that, your documents will be checked and the card will be given to you. This process could take a few days. 


This method requires you to order the card online by visiting the H&R Block online portal and signing up. You will be asked to submit some documents including your tax refunds, citizen service number, etc. Enter all required information and wait for approval. If your order is approved, you will get your card within 10 business days. 

Can I Use My Emerald Card At An ATM?


Again the answer to this is yes. You can use your Emerald card at any ATM and anywhere a debit MasterCard is accepted. Unfortunately, Emerald card has no official ATM hence all withdrawals are made from the ATMs of other Banks and financial institutions. Continue reading to see some of them. 

At What ATM Can I Use My Emerald Card For Withdrawal?


As much as you can use your Emerald card at any ATM note that the charges are not the same at all ATMs. And yes, you will be charged for withdrawal and I would like to let you know that the charges are high. However, there are a few considerably free ATMs hence you can use your Emerald card on them. See some of them below. 

Alliance One. 

With over five thousand (5,000) locations all over the nation, Alliance One is one of the best Emerald Card ATMs. It provides users with surcharge-free ATMs hence you can conveniently withdraw funds from your prepaid debit card without having to worry about charges. 

To find the nearest Alliance One ATM, visit its mobile app and enter your address or geographical location into the search box on the home screen. There you will find all ATMs near you. There is also the option of saving the locations for further reference. 


MoneyPass is another Emerald card ATM with a surcharge-free service.  With over 33,000 ATMs in different parts of the country including grocery stores, conveniences, etc you are sure to get one near you. 

You can find the nearest MoneyPass ATM for your Emerald card by visiting their official website or downloading the mobile app on your smartphone. All you need to do afterward is enter your ZIP code or address and you are good to go. 

Axos Bank. 

Axos Bank is another Emerald Card ATM to withdraw money. However, this is not a surcharge-free service as you will be charged $3.00 per withdrawal. 


You can also use your Emerald card for withdrawals from any AllPoint ATM near you. There are over 55,000 of them worldwide and the good news is that they are also surcharge-free. 


Pulse is another Emerald card ATM. There are thousands of Pulse ATM locations in the United States. Hence, you can walk into any of them and make withdrawals without the fear of huge charges. 

Alliance Plus Network. 

This ATM also has many locations around the world including the United States. It is a surcharge-free ATM that is suitable for your Emerald card. 

Other Emerald Card ATMs are

  • Any Maestro ATM
  • Cirrus ATM
  • MasterCard ATM.

Emerald Card ATM Withdrawal Fees.


Recall that we mentioned earlier that apart from the surcharge-free ATMs, others will charge you so much when you withdraw with your Emerald card. Here are some of those charges. 

  • $3 ATM withdrawal charges except with a surcharge-free ATM
  • Additional $2.50 for using an Out of Network ATM 
  • $1.50 for making a balance inquiry at the ATM. 
  • Other charges as determined by the ATM operators. 


Can You Transfer Money From Your Emerald Card To A Bank Account?


Yes, you can transfer money from your Emerald card to a linked bank account. 

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How Much Can You Withdraw From An Emerald Card? 


Using any of the emerald card ATMs, you are allowed to withdraw a maximum of $3,000 daily.

Is Emerald Card Free?


Yes, the Emerald Card is free. This is because it doesn’t charge you any amount of money as maintenance and activation fees like other debit and credit cards do. However, it comes with high ATM fees. 



Emerald cards are beautiful to use as they come with many benefits. However, the lack of official ATMs has been a great challenge. In this article, we have shown you among other info, 6 Emerald Card ATMs. I hope this article was very helpful.