Wayfair Payment Options 2023 { Everything You Need To Know }

Wayfair is a good option if you intend to find everything you need to make your new apartment feel like a home. This, however, involves payments. Do you want to know the Wayfair payment options, then continue reading this article that has compiled the various Wayfair payment options to ease the stress of having to search for them yourself.


Wayfair is an e-commerce company created in 2002 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Its name was formerly CNS but has over the years taken up the new name Wayfair Inc. which has become a household name. It specializes in the sale of home furnishings and decors, home appliances, kids furnishings, etc. 

It is known for selling quality home furnishing hence everyone loves to shop with Wayfair. However, some new customers and intending customers do kit know the methods of payments accepted at Wayfair. To help them out.

We have compiled and given comprehensive explanations of Wayfair payments Options. If that is what you have endlessly been searching for then join me to dive straight into it. 

What Does Wayfair Payment Option Mean?


Before we go to the details of the Wayfair payment options, it is pertinent that you get a full and good understanding of the concept. Whenever you come across the term Wayfair payment options, it is referring to the various methods of payments that are accepted when you shop at Wayfair. 


If you are familiar with shopping online, you should know that not all methods of payment are accepted in every shop. At the checkout section, you would be presented with a list of methods of payment that are accepted at that particular shop. That list is the payment options available. 

Therefore the list of the various methods of payments that are available to you after shopping at Wayfair is what is called the Wayfair Payment Options. It is as simple as that. So now that you understand what we mean by Wayfair payment options, let us proceed to see how many options we have. 

What Are Wayfair Payment Options? 


Wayfair is interested in the convenience of its buyers hence it does have many Wayfair payment options. This is so that no matter what you want to pay with, there Is a plan for you and a package for you. 

Some of the Wayfair payment options are outlined below. 

  • Wayfair Financing. 
  • Wayfair Rewards
  • Wayfair Gift Cards And Store Credits. 
  • Debit and Credit cards such as Wayfair Credit Card, Amex, Visa, Discover, and MasterCards. 
  • PayPal 
  • Klarna
  • Apple Pay
  • Checks including Personal Checks and Cashier’s Checks
  • Money Orders. 

You can see that there are many options for you. Don’t worry, you will see what each of them entails as we move on in this piece. So keep reading. 

Wayfair Financing

Wayfair financing is one of the best Wayfair payment options that give you access to paying for things online. However, you will first be scrutinized to know if you are eligible before allowing you to use this payment option. Here is how to use the Wayfair financing payment option. 

To begin with, visit the Wayfair website, and pick the item of interest. Add them to your cart. After that, click on check out. A new page will be open to you where you will be required to pick a payment method. All the available payment options listed above will be available to you. Click on Wayfair Financing since you are interested in using this. 

The next stage will prompt you to input your details to check if you are eligible. If you are, you will see different offers. Go through them and pick the one of interest. Follow the prompt on your screen till you confirm the process. You will afterward be contacted by the service provider of the offer you selected. Some of the providers that have joined Wayfair are Bread Financial, Affirm, Fortiva Retail Credit, Citizens Pay, Katapult, and Acima. 

Wayfair Gift Cards

Another Wayfair payment option is the Wayfair Gift Card. You can purchase a Wayfair gift card from any store that sells for cash or even with PayPal. After that, you enter the information of the gift card when checking out. 


Another payment option at Wayfair is PayPal. For those who do not know, PayPal is a finance technology company or a finance platform that allows sending and receiving of money from the comfort of your home. With PayPal, you can add your bank account or link your debit or credit card hence funds can be drawn from them when making purchases. 

How To Use PayPal As A Wayfair Payment Option 

To use PayPal as a payment option at Wayfair, take the steps below. 

  • Visit the Wayfair website or log in to the mobile app (if you have downloaded one).
  • Search for the item you wish to buy and click on “But it now”
  • After picking all the items of your choice, proceed to the Check out page. 
  • There you will be given a list of the different Wayfair payment options. Select PayPal/PayPal Credit. 
  • Enter the amount and click on pay.
  • Confirm the payment on the email address with which you registered. This email contains your Order Number that would act as a reference number. 

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay, which is a payment platform available to Apple users, is also a Wayfair payment method. If you have an account with Apple Pay  and there are enough funds, you can go ahead and use it to check out after purchasing the product of your choice. 

The steps involved in the checkout are the same as in PayPal above. The only difference is that you will choose Apple Pay as a payment option instead of PayPal. After which you provide other information and the funds will be deducted from your Apple Pay account. 

Debit Or Credit Cards

Furthermore, on Wayfair payment options, you can use your Debit or Credit cards from your bank or financial institution for checkout. Here you can use your PayPal Key. All it demands is that you enter the information of the debit or credit card as well as the amount. The money will be deducted from the card to which the card is attached. 

Money Orders

You can also purchase a Money Order and use it to check out on Wayfair. 


You can also checkout on Wayfair by using your check as a Wayfair payment option. It could be either a personal check or a cashier’s check. You will be required to enter the information of the check or scan the check. 

Is Afterpay A Wayfair Payment Option?


No, Wayfair has not added Afterpay as a payment option. There may be a reason for this but there is no report on that. There are, however, very good payment options that are available for you on the list of Wayfair payment options as shown above. 

Is Google Pay A Wayfair Payment Option?


Just like the case of Afterpay, Google Pay is not yet a payment option at Wayfair. Try out other Wayfair payment options to check out on the site. 

Can I Change My Wayfair Payment Option?


Yes, if you intend to use another Wayfair payment option the next time you make a purchase. You are free to change it by clicking on “change billing address” when you visit the home page. You will be prompted on the entire process of changing the payment option. 


There are many Wayfair payment options available to you. This article has explained the options. Now that you know the various Wayfair payment options, I believe shopping would be fun for you.