How To Change Birthday On Venmo (2 Easiest Methods)

Are you one of those Venmo users looking for how to change birthdays on Venmo? Is there an error in the birth date information that you filled out for certification and do you need to effect a change? Then you are at the right place. You no longer have to bang your head or beat yourself for that error.

Read every line of this article as we have explained how to change age on Venmo in the simplest way ever. Without wasting more time, let us begin. 

What Is Venmo?


I believe you already know that Venmo is a peer-to-peer payment platform like PayPal that is used to send and receive money between individuals and bank accounts. Not only that, you can use Venmo to pay for goods and services in stores. 

To use Venmo, you have to first download the app and create an account. Afterward, you get verified. In the process of Verification, you are required to enter your birth date. Some people make errors with this hence they want to know how to change birthdays on Venmo. You will see the process as you keep reading. 

How To Create A Venmo Account


Creating an account on Venmo is very easy. Here are the steps involved in that. 

  • Download the Venmo app for Android or iOS.
  • Install and open the app
  • Select a signup method
  • Create a secure password
  • Verify your phone number and email address. 
  • Add a bank account and go through verification. 

Why Does Venmo Need My Birthday?


To begin the discussion on how to change birthdays on Venmo, let us understand the reason why Venmo would require your birthday as one of the criteria for creating an account. The foremost reason is to verify identity (identity verification). I will explain this to your understanding as we move on. 

Identity verification on Venmo is the process of checking through your information and confirming some details about yourself to prove your identity. This is necessary to protect your account as well as to make sure that the account is not owned by an alien or anyone not in line with the policy of the organization. 

Identity verification is a mandatory policy of the US Patriot Act which requires Venmo to implement the customer Identification Program (CIP). And your birthday is one of the requirements hence Venmo needs your birthday. 

Requirements For Verifying A Venmo Account


To verify your Venmo account is in line with the CIP program of the US Patriot Act, you are required to provide the following information about yourself. See them as we proceed. 

  • Your full legal name
  • Your physical home address. 
  • Your date of birth is otherwise known as your birthday. 
  • Your National or Tax Identity Number (SSN/ITIN). 

When this information is collected, Venmo uses a National database to make sure that it obtains a positive match of every of the information provided. For instance, the name provided must be the same as those on the other documents. 

How To Verify Your Identity On Venmo


To verify your Venmo identity before we move to see how to change birthdays on Venmo, take the following simple steps. 

  • Open the Venmo App
  • Navigate to the “Me” tab
  • Click on the settings gear ⚙️  at the top right corner. 
  • Select Identity Verification from the drop-down menu. 
  • Follow the prompts to provide all requirements. 

Can I Change My Birthday On Venmo?


Now, read this carefully as it will determine how to change birthdays on Venmo. Of course, you can not learn how to change birthdays on Venmo when you do not know if it is possible or allowed. So see it here. 

With Venmo, you are allowed to utter, customize or change any information to suit your present needs. Some of such information includes your username, password, phone number, email address, and so on. However, changing of birth date on Venmo is case-sensitive. I guess this is because of the strict verification process that involves using the national database as stated earlier. 

So with that said, Venmo has stated that you cannot change your birthday on Venmo. It is therefore important that you enter the correct birthday when filling out the information during verification. Disappointed? There is good news for you as you continue reading. We have some workaround for you. 

How To Change Birthday On Venmo


Although it is established that you cannot change your birthday on Venmo, we got some workarounds that might help you get through with it. Note that these are not guarantees that the date will be changed; however, they are steps in the right direction. 

So let us see how to change birthdays on Venmo by providing additional information and by contacting Venmo Customer Support. Follow me attentively as we continue. 

How To Change Birthdays On Venmo By Sending Additional Information


One of the simple hacks or workarounds that you can use as the first method of “how to change birthdays on Venmo” is to send additional information to Venmo. 

According to the Venmo official website, you are allowed to submit additional information if they are unable to verify your information because of one or more disparities including the date of birth. To do this, you will send one or more of the following documents that are not expired. The documents are

  • A Drivers License,
  • US Government Issued ID,
  • DHS Card
  • US passport
  • Tribal ID Card. 

Most often, you would not need to worry about where to submit the information as you would be notified by Venmo if there is a need. However, if you have waited for a while and there seems to be no hope of being contacted, then proceed to the next method as explained below.  

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How To Change Birthdays On Venmo By Contacting The Customer Support


Still on how to change birthdays on Venmo. Now let’s see another method and this seems to be the last resort for any problem you have with your Venmo account. It is by contacting Venmo Customer Support. 

You might get your date of birth changed if you speak with the customer support agents. You can take this step after trying all else. Before you can contact customer support, you must have evidence (ID) to show that you are 18 years or above as you are not expected to use Venmo if you are below that age. See how to contact Venmo Support below.

How To Contact Venmo Support


The following are some of the various ways to contact Venmo support. 

  • Fill out the form when you visit
  • Chat with Venmo Chatbot on the website above. There you can ask all your questions. 
  • Call (855) 812-4430 between the hours of 8 a.m and 8 p.m. every day. 

Here you can ask all your questions, drop your complaints about how to change birthdays on Venmo, and get feedback. 



If there is an error in your birthday on Venmo, it would affect your account, especially with the withdrawal of funds. As such it is necessary to change birthdays on Venmo. This article has explained how to change birthdays on Venmo in 2 ways. I hope this helps you to fix your birthday.