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Are Well Fargo Debit Card Designs available for registered customers? If yes, how do I get hold of it and apply for one. However, you must have been hearing about Wells Fargo, what the platform is all about, the service they provide, and so on. If you are new to this, here is a brief description of the financial platform.

Well Fargo is simply a financial service company that is known for providing its users with solutions to their financial problems. The company offers personal loans, mortgages, investments, funds management, capital and commercial finances, brokerage services, online trading and all other related activities provided by a primary bank. 

In addition to this, the financial organization also gives out debit cards to its customers. If you are a user of Wells Fargo financial services and you have a stable and working account with the company, you definitely have the opportunity to request and apply for a debit card.

A fascinating feature of these debit cards is that they are issued and formed in different designs to the utmost satisfaction of their customers.

You can even decide to add and customize any preferred image of yourself onto your debit card, the image would obviously be verified and accepted if it abides by the financial rules and regulations guiding Wells Fargo debit card design studio. 

Note that not all customers have access to this offer, the types of the financial organization debit card designs, the design options, how much it costs, the image upload guidelines and other related queries would be highlighted in the article below, as long as you stick with us to the end of the content.

What Is Wells Fargo Debit Card?


Simple! This is just a contactless debit card which is issued by the financial services company in order to facilitate their customers’ financial activities.

Basically, the Wells Fargo debit card is similar to normal debits and credit cards, as it can be used to make payments on the internet, in apps, manage your money at ATMs and even purchase goods and services in mobile stores.

Note that so long you have an account with the financial services company, you definitely can order and apply for your debit card online. Or you can simply reach out to the company’s customer care service contacts, dial this number 1-800-869-3557.

I think that’s all I can say concerning Wells Fargo debit card. Moving to the next section of the article which will be about the specific designs of their debit cards is our main priority by the way.

What Are Wells Fargo Debit Card Designs?


The Wells Fargo debit card design is just a customized image preference, what I mean by this is having an access to select the kind of image you are willing to display on your debit card. 

Fortunately, Wells Fargo financial services company offers this service as it significantly depends on your account. The Wells Fargo debit card designs you can choose to add to your debit cards are:

  • A photo of yourself, family or friends.
  • Images of your pets.
  • An image of your child drawings.
  • A sport image or business logos.

Can You Change Your Wells Fargo Debit Card Design?


Yes of course! You can choose to change your Wells Fargo debit card designs but customers need to be aware that customization of debit cards is only for users who lost their card, for replacement cards precisely.

However, Wells Fargo does not allow applicants to choose a custom design and customizations.

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Wells Fargo Debit Card Design Ideas

Wells Fargo Debit Card Designs - Wells Fargo Card Design

How Can I Change Or Customize Wells Fargo Card?


If you have applied for a debit card and you are willing to make changes to the design of the card, you can do this by following just simple procedures we have highlighted below. 

  • Visit Wells Fargo Card Design Website.
  • Login and select a debit card.
  • Upload an image and resize.
  • Preview the image
  • Wait for verification and review.
  • Get your debit card afterwards.

The above is a summarized procedure to follow to customize your Wells Fargo debit card. If you still find it difficult to grab that, go through the detailed insight below for a better understanding.

  • Visit Wells Fargo Card Design Website

The first step on our list above is to visit the financial services company official website and navigate to the Card Designs menu. 

This has already been made easy for you, all you have to do is click here to get directed to the page. 

  • Login and select a debit card

The following step is to login with your personal credentials or create an account if you don’t have one already. After you must have logged in with your information, you have to choose whether you are customizing a personal debit card or a business credit card. 

At the bottom of this page, there’s a demo which is specifically for illustration purposes. 

  • Upload an image and resize.

The next step is to click on the “Select Background” tab, this is the step that requires you to choose a photo from Wells Fargo Card library or upload an image of yourself directly from your mobile device. 

The photos that are available in Wells Fargo Card Design Studio will be discussed in the following section of the article below.

Now, after uploading an image or chosing from the library you need to resize your chosen image as images that are larger than three megabytes might not be accepted.

  • Preview the image

At this stage, you need to check the quality of the image you uploaded whether it’s of high quality or not. This is also important because a low quality image will be rejected and you would not be able to proceed with the debit card customization.

  • Wait for verification and review

After uploading a high quality and moderately sized image, your image would be submitted and you therefore need to wait for it to get reviewed.

Most times, it takes at least 2 working days for Wells Fargo to review your design and either accept or reject. If it gets accepted, you would receive a confirmation email while you would be requested to resubmit perhaps your image gets rejected.  

Some reasons why your Wells Fargo debit card designs might get rejected would be discussed in the article below.

  • The customized Wells Fargo debit card would be sent to your mail within 5 to 7 working days of your application.

What Designs Can You Get On A Wells Fargo Debit Card?


There are varieties of images you can choose from in the Wells Fargo Card Design Studio library. You can also choose to display one of your personal photos or other images on your debit card. Below are some image ideas that you can choose from:

  • Images of animals.
  • Images of nature and sports. 
  • Photos of specific hobbies.
  • Images of your business, organization and industry.

Why Does My Wells Fargo Debit Card Designs Get Rejected?


There are several reasons why your Wells Fargo debit card designs might get rejected, and most of these are due to the following reasons.

  • Upload of poor quality images.
  • Images that contain copyright materials and profanity.
  • Images with huge sizes.
  • Images with personal information and obscene content.

Nevertheless, if you can avoid uploading images that go against the financial company guidelines, you would be able to create a unique and distinctive Wells Fargo debit card design that displays your business and reflects customers interests.


While summarizing the above article, we discussed the designs of Wells Fargo debit cards, how to create your unique and personalized card designs and other related queries. 

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