State Farm Bank Payoff Address ( Phone Number, Auto Loan Payoff )

Do you want to know the State Farm Bank Payoff address to offset your loan? Then follow the information on this article to the end as all that you need to know about paying off your loan has been carefully discussed here.

Now you can wear a broad smile on your face as you wouldn’t have to stress yourself any further in search of the address. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the deal.

State Farm Bank Overview


To begin the discussion, let us understand what State Farm Bank is and what it does. This will give us a direction to finding the State Farm Bank Payoff Address. So if you are new to this bank, see what it is. 

State Farm Bank is an insurance company founded in 1922 in the United States to provide financial services to the populace. After so many years, it expanded its scope in 1999 and took up a rather new face.

With the expansion, other financial services like banking, mutual funding, and lending were added. The lending aspect of the company is focused on mortgages and auto loans alone. This gave it more visibility as many people started doing business with them.  

It is important to note that this company operates strictly online. And as such, it does not compete with other existing auto-loan companies. Its target audience or market is part of American car shoppers with good credit scores. And this has recorded great success over the years. Let’s now proceed to see how plans are gotten and how to pay off as we proceed. 

How To Access State Farm Bank Auto Loan


To access a loan with State Farm Bank for any purpose, you can apply through any of the following means. 

Through The State Farm Agent Near You. 

Although it is a bank that operates online, it has thousands of agents all over the United States. So when you visit any of the agents, you will be guided on how to go about the loan as well as provide accurate information on the right option to choose. Find the agent near you by visiting

U.S Bank

You can also access loans from the State Farm Bank when you open a checking or savings account with the U.S Bank. This is because the organization partners with this bank. 


This is another organization that teams up with State Farm Bank to give good credit and unsecured loans to customers for various purposes. You can reach out to them to get a State Farm Bank loan.

Rocket Mortgage.

State Farm Bank also works with Rocket Mortgage to give mortgage loans to interested customers. So you can contact any of their agents to get a loan from this company. 

Now that you have seen the various ways to get loans from State Farm Bank, how then can you pay off your loan? Let’s see that in the next paragraph. 

State Farm Bank Payoff Address


If you have a business loan, you will not be able to make payments using the method above. In such a case, payments are to be made via other means. These other methods are what we refer to as the State Farm Bank payoff address. There are several addresses and each of them will be shown to you as we continue. 

State Farm Bank Payoff Address Via Email


The first State Farm Bank payoff address is via mail. And what is required here is to send your payment check to this address. With this, proper documentation can be made to show that your loan has been paid. The mailing address is

State Farm Bank

2535 Daniels St

Madison WI 53718.

State Farm Bank Payoff Address For Principal-Only Payments


However, if you want to make a principal-only payment, the address above is not for you. The State Farm Bank payoff address for principal-only payments is as stated below.  

  • [Name of LLC entity owner on your loan]

          Attn: Loan Servicing

          P.O. Box 5961

          Madison, WI 53705-0961

State Farm Bank Payoff Phone Number 


If for some reason such as visual impairments, you are unable to send mail, you can call State Farm Bank customer service at 1-877-734-2265 or 711. Here, you will get every other information that you need on how to pay off your loan. 

Where Can I Find Payoff Address For State Farm Bank?

There are several ways to find the State Farm Bank payoff address. However, the best and most trusted way is to visit the official website of the bank as stated above. You can also call the customer service phone number above to get the address. And lastly, through articles on the internet like the one you are currently reading. 

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How To Make Your State Farm Bank Payments


If you have a loan with State Farm Bank, you can make payment using any of the following two options when you visit its website at or mobile app. When you visit the site, take the following steps.

  • Navigate to the top right corner and click on Login.
  • Enter your login details
  • Select the option to make payment.
  • Choose any other of the two payment options. That is either the one-time payment or the auto-pay from your checking account option. Note that the auto-pay option comes with a rate discount from many banks or financial institutions.

By using these steps online, you will successfully pay your loan with State Farm Bank. However, if you can’t pay online, then use the State Farm Bank payoff address that will be discussed below.


What Does Loan Payoff Mean?


A loan payoff is the amount of money that you need to pay to fully offset the money that was borrowed from the loan company. The loan payoff amount is usually not the same as the amount remaining in that account. It comes with some fees and daily interest which is not so much. 

Does State Farm Bank Report To The Credit Bureaus?


Yes, when you obtain a loan from State Farm Bank, it is reported to the Credit Bureaus hence it shows up in your Credit Report. And when you miss a payment, the bank will also report to the Credit Bureaus. 

What Bank Is Associated With State Farm Bank?


As a finance loan company, State Farm Bank does not operate on its own. It is associated with a real bank through which its transactions are processed and sent. The bank associated with State Farm Bank is the U S Bank. It is through the U.S. bank that all its transactions are made. 



This article has elaborately discussed the State Farm Bank payoff address. It showed you the address and how to find it subsequently. We also went ahead to explain other vital parts of getting a loan from State Farm Bank. I hope with this, paying off your loan will be a walk in the park.