Bank Of America Zelle Not Working ( 7 Quick Fix )

Is your Bank of America Zelle not working? Do you want to get it fixed quickly? If yes then you are welcome to read this article that has explained the causes of Bank of America Zelle not working and how you can quickly fix it in 7 ways. Let’s begin immediately.

Does Bank Of America Offer Zelle? Yes, Bank of America offers Zelle. This was launched in 2021 when the Bank of America announced that it has added the Zelle widget to its services.

This has allowed anyone who is a Bank of America customer and has a Zelle account to connect easily with the service through their online banking center or mobile app.

Note that you cannot use the Bank of America Zelle if you do not have an account with Zelle.

Why Is My Bank Of America Zelle Not Working? 


Bank of America Zelle not working can be because of several reasons. I will be discussing some of the reasons why your Bank of America Zelle is not working in this section. Of course, the causes are meant to precede the fixes because you can not fix a problem without what the problem is. See some of the causes in the next paragraphs of this section. 

Account Status

One of the reasons why your bank of America Zelle might not work is where your account status has been flagged with fraudulent transactions. It might not necessarily be that you have scammed someone with the account. 

However if Zelle or Bank of America detects some forms of irregularities in your account, it will be flagged as a fraudulent transaction. When this happens, your bank of America Zelle will not work.

Poor Internet Connection. 

One of the reasons why your Bank of America Zelle might not be working is because of poor internet connection at the time that you were able to access the service. If your connection is poor or it is not stable, there is no way the service can work smoothly. 

App Needs Update

Another thing that can cause hitches in your use of the Bank of America Zelle is the need for app updates. It could be that your bank app is outdated. And when it is, the app is most likely to misbehave and may not connect properly. 

Outdated Software. 

Similar to the above, your device software might be up to date hence Bank of America Zelle not working. Check your phone or mobile device to confirm if there is a need for an update. 

Insufficient Funds

If you were trying to make a payment through the Bank of America Zelle and it isn’t working, it could also be because you have insufficient funds in your bank of America account to process the payment. This could also be another reason for Bank of America Zelle not working. 

The server Is Down

If you have tried all else and those seem not to be the reason for your Bank of America Zelle not working, then it could be that the server is down. Either the Bank of America server or the Zelle server could be experiencing some problems hence you are unable to use their services. 

Use Of VPN

VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network is a feature that helps to hide your location and identity while using the internet. If you are trying to access the Bank of America Zelle online banking center through the use of a VPN, it is most likely not going to open. This is because most banking institutions want to assess your identity before allowing you to use their services. 

Cache Is Full

Bank of America Zelle not working could also be a result of your App cache being full. The cache contains the temporary data that is stored in your device. When the data becomes large and the storage for it is full, it becomes a problem. And this can result in Bank of America Zelle not working. 

Now that you have been able to identify the reasons why Bank of America Zelle is not working, let us see how to fix the problem easily without having to call a third party.  Continue reading as we move to the quick fix section. 

How To Fix” Bank of America Zelle Not Working


Now that you are aware of the causes of Bank of America Zelle not working, let us try to fix them quickly on our own.

Bank Of America Zelle Not Working

So, join me for the quick fixes in this section. 

Check Internet Connection.

Remember we stated above that poor internet connection can be a reason why your Bank of America Zelle is not working properly. So quickly fix it by doing any of the following. 

  • Switch off your wifi and turn it on again. 
  • if you are using public wifi, disconnect from it.
  • Switch from wifi to mobile data and check your internet speed. 

If any of these are unable to fix it, then the problem is not with the Internet connection. Check the next quick fix. 

Disable VPN. 

Without much explanation, disabling your VPN will allow your bank to access your identity and this can resolve Bank of America Zelle not working. 

Update The Bank Of America App. 

As noted earlier, the need for an update could cause some hitches. So check for the Bank of America App update and get the app updated. This can be done in your Play Store for Android and App Store For iOS devices. 

Check For Mobile Device Software Update. 

When your mobile device needs updating, it would also lead to Bank Of America Zelle not working. So check for updates and get it updated briskly. 

Clear Cache. 

If after updating the device and the app you still have the problem then clear your cache. To clear the bank of America app cache, take the following steps. 

  • Go to Settings on your device. 
  • Click on Apps and then on the Bank Of America app. 
  • Open the app and hit storage and data. 
  • Click on clear cache. 

This should fix the problem. If it persists, then the issue could be with your bank and not your device. So check the Bank Of America server or the Zelle server 

Check Zelle Server. 

If every other option fails to solve your problem, then the problem might be from Zelle Server. Here there is not much you can do but to be sure that the from the server you can visit Here you will be able to ascertain if the problem is with the Zelle Server. 

Check Bank Of America Server. 

In the same vein, you can check the bank of America server to be sure that the problem is from that end. To do this, visit If the problem is not from the server, then you can reach out to the bank customer service center. 

How To Use Bank Of America Zelle


To use the Bank of America Zelle is as simple as any other banking service you know. All you need to do is to log in to your Bank of America banking app and there you will find Zelle. Click on it and go ahead to perform any transaction that you desire to do.

Sometimes. After going through the process, you might find out that your Bank of America Zelle is not working. And that is the bone of contention in this post. Read on to see the reasons why such a thing happens.

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How To Contact Bank Of America Customer Service


To contact customer service;

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Bank of America Zelle not working could be because of some reasons. The causes as well as how to fix them quickly have all been discussed in the post above. If they fail to get it fixed, then contact support using the link and phone number above.