US Bank Payoff Address 2023 | Phone Number & Overnight Address

US Banks is one of the largest financial service organizations in the United States that comfortably offers personal and consumer based banking services. Some other important services they offer include managing your checking and savings accounts and most especially loans or mortgages.

Perhaps you applied for a loan at US Bank and you are ready to pay back your mortgage loans to US bank, this is where US bank payoff address comes into play. Typically, a US bank payout address can be referred to as a mailing address that allows you to make payment to U.S banks. 

According to research, US Bank offers two different payoff addresses specifically for a regular payment mail and the other for overnight payoff checks. 

If you have been looking forward to locating the bank payout address in order to pay your loans, look no further as well as providing you with the details about these payout addresses, additional related payment addresses and many more.

U.S. Bank Payoff Address


It’s recommended that you make use of a correct mailing address in order to avoid any further issues. For paying off your loan at a U.S. bank, below is the address to use.

U.S. Bank Consumer Loan Servicing

PO Box 790179

St. Louis, MO 63179-0179

You should not make mistakes while paying your mortgage loan to the above payoff address. Sometimes circumstances might warrant this to change depending on various factors.  

This is why you can easily call the U.S. bank payoff phone number in order to ask for assistance and whether or not the current payoff address is still active or has been changed.

Do you know that you can also forward your loans via an overnight service. In order to do this, there’s a slightly different payoff address specifically for this method. 

Moving forward, that’s exactly what we’ll be highlighting in the following segment below.

US Bank Overnight Payoff Address


A U.S. Overnight Payoff Address is specifically for people who will be sending the payment using an overnight delivery service. Note that you should also get in touch with United States bank for further confirmation of the payment address you should use.

However, in the meantime the US Bank Overnight Payoff Address has been researched and highlighted for you below.

U.S. Bank Consumer Loan Servicing

Payment/Payoff Processing

1850 Osborn Ave

Oshkosh, WI 54902

The above is the address you can use to pay off your loan at U.S bank via overnight delivery.

Note that this particular address is expected to be used only if you will be sending your mortgage payment via an overnight service. If you won’t be using an overnight service, it’s recommended that you don’t use this as you should only use the regular payoff address.

In some situations, US Bank might require you to use another service such as FedEx or a similar one. Ensure that you check their terms before proceeding.

Regardless, if you are still having doubts on this you can contact the U.S. Bank and tender your questions.

Loss Payee address


In addition to the aforementioned U.S bank payoff address which can be used for forwarding your payments. You can also have a look at the Loss Payee mailing details. 

It’s a part of the information you might need while carrying out the transactions.

P.O Box 3490, 

Oshkosh, WI54903

What’s the U.S Bank Payoff Phone Number?


If you have been looking forward to getting in touch with U.S Bank customer agents, here is your chance. You can call them at 800-USBANKS (872-2657) if you want to pay off your loans with the use of a U.S. Bank checking or savings account.

Perhaps users also have questions regarding the specific Payoff Address, how to use them, requirements, the specific delivery services and many more.

(800) 872-2657 is still the same Phone Number to contact for the aforementioned queries. With an overview of the highlighted payoff address in other sections of the article above, you can reach out to U.S Bank via this phone number in order to confirm if you have to right address the amount you will be paying before you forward the check.

What If I Sent The Check To A Wrong Address?


It’s actually possible to send your check to a wrong payoff address and input incorrect details. This is why it’s important that you visit a page with sufficient information on the details you need and this exact page clearly provides that.

But if you still accidentally mail your check to the wrong address, here’s the outcome and what you can do. You need to know that mailing your check to incorrect details might result in paying additional fees and unnecessary delays. 

What you can do if you don’t want to pay additional charges is to reach out to the U.S. Bank letting them know your request. 

Inform them about the errors you might have made and you will be required to get a payoff letter in order to help you recheck the Payoff address along with the amounts.

How Can I Get A Payoff From a U.S. Bank?


If you are looking for a quick and easy method to get a payoff from US Bank, note that you can do this via a few different options available.

However, one of these options includes contacting the U.S BANK directly. There are several methods you can use to contact the bank and this method includes via their active phone lines just like the one we highlighted above.

You can also simply visit the bank at their local branch nearest to you in order to request a payoff. There is some important information that you might need to provide in order to have access to a payoff, most of which includes your account number and identifying information (Identification cards, driver’s license and social security number).

Note that the interest rate depends on your credit score and the payoff amount might be different depending on the type of loan and the terms of agreement. This is why it’s important that you have a good standing credit score in order to receive maximum benefits.

However, other details such as repayment dates, prepayment fees, additional charges and others will also be discussed. 

What Are Some Other Methods To Send Your Payments?


According to the U.S Bank which is an American bank holding company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are other ways and alternatives to pay off your loans instead of using a US Bank payoff address. We’ve researched and compiled a few of these different methods below, you can have a look at them. 

Rather than using a mail to send a check via a regular or an overnight delivery service, you can also use an online or mobile payment banking, pay by phone, make payment at the bank directly or through wire transfers.

Making payments at the bank is not really difficult. You just have to speak with a teller by the specific branch closing time in your location. This must be done on or before the due date for the payment. 

Making payments through a phone number is also really easy. We have highlighted the number to call in earlier in the article. Reach out to 800-USBANKS (872-2657) in order to make payments using your U.S. Bank checking or savings account. 

In addition, customers also have access to use the U.S Bank automated phone system to make payment. You can use relay calls as a representative will attend to you in no time.

Mobile banking payment is another method. It requires making your payments electronically online via an autopay set you. Note that you can also make a one-time payment using this method. They’re all accepted by the U.S Bank respectively.

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A U.S Bank payoff address simply refers to a mailing address which you can utilize to forward loan payments to specific banks. With the help of the detailed information above, you should be able make payments either through a regular payoff address or an overnight payoff address.