Venmo Payment Declined – 6 Quick Fix Guide

Are you frustrated because your Venmo payment declined? Did you get the error message “Venmo transaction declined?” Read this article to see the reasons why it happened and how you can fix it. I will also show you what to do to prevent that from happening again.

Venmo is a peer-to-peer payment application used by millions of people all over the world. It is one of the easiest payment applications for sending and receiving money. However, many users recently are faced with the nightmare of the “Venmo Payment Declined” error message in the process of making a payment. Of course, I understand that issues like this could be worrisome. 

However, I want to assure you that you do not have to worry. This article has explained the reasons for Venmo payment declined and had also given you how to fix the issue and how to recover your money if the problem persists. So do well to read attentively to the end. 

What Does Venmo Payment Declined Mean?


For the sake of those who haven’t understood what the phrase means, I will give a simple explanation cum clarification. 

When you get the error message stating “Venmo payment declined or Venmo transaction declined”, it simply means that there is an error in the processing of your payment. And with such an error, your payment is unable to deliver. In other words, your payment has not been sent and the receiver has not gotten the money. 

It’s as simple as that even though I know it’s not a palatable situation. I know you would be interested in knowing why that happened to you. Read the next paragraph to get possible reasons. 

Why Is Venmo Declining My Payment?


It is commonly said that every problem has a root cause. And as such, we have put together some of the reasons why you got the Venmo payment declined error message on your phone. See the reasons below. 

Insufficient Funds

When you receive the Venmo payment declined message, the first thing you should do is to check your balance. One reason for declining payments is when the amount you are being sent is higher than the total amount of funds in your Venmo account. Therefore Venmo payment decline could be because of insufficient funds. 

Poor Internet Connectivity

This is a very common problem that can lead to your Venmo transaction being declined. When your internet connection is unstable or poor at the time the payment was being sent, there is a high probability that the payment would not be able to process hence the Venmo payment declined error message. 

Exceeded ACH Transfer Limit

Not so many people are aware of the fact that there is a limit to the number of ACH transfers you can make. By the way, ACH means Automated Clearing House. It is responsible for processing transfers. So if you have exceeded the ACH limit, your payment would be declined. 

Venmo Server Issues

Although this doesn’t happen often, it is one of the reasons for the Venmo payment declined error message. The Venmo application undergoes maintenance intermittently. And when this happens, users are sometimes notified because the network would stop working. 

When the Venmo server is undergoing maintenance, online transactions and other mobile-based functioning would be declined hence your Venmo payment was declined.

Using A Blocked Card

Also, you will get the Venmo payment declined message if the debit card or bank account that is being used is blocked. 

International Transaction Allowance

There are times when international payments through Venmo or its card are not allowed. This happens often and could be a reason for declining your Venmo payment. 

Changes In Device Settings

Sometimes, changing the settings of your device or improper device settings can also stop Venmo from working. And if that is the case, your payment would not be sent and you will get the error message that states “Venmo payment declined”.

Venmo Payment Decline – Quick Fix


Identifying the cause of a problem is meant to help you get the solution to it.

Venmo Payment Declined

So since we have seen the reasons for the Venmo payment declined error message, let us now see the possible way to fix it. Without further ado, I will highlight them below. 

1) Check Internet Connection. 

Always ensure that your internet connection is stable before proceeding to make payment. If possible do not use the public connection for such as they are likely to disconnect at any time. 

2) Check Your Venmo Balance

Check to make sure that you have enough money in your account before making a payment. If not, credit your account. 

3) Do Not Hide Your Location. 

When sending Venmo payment, do not use any tool that hides your location including VPN. 

4) Update Device Settings

Always update the settings of your device to allow Venmo to run smoothly. And also scan your device for viruses. 

5) Change Your Card Or Bank Account. 

If you’ve tried all else and the problem persists, then change your card or bank and try it with another. I guess this would do. If not, try the next solution. 

If you have exceeded your limit, wait for some time and try again later. This is to enable the ACH limit reset. It is advisable to wait till the start of a new day. 

Can I Get My Money Back If  Venmo Declined Payment?


There are situations whereby your Venmo payment or transaction would be declined but the money would be deducted from your account. If you see this situation, then you should be interested in this. 

Yes, you can get your money back if your Venmo payment is declined. All you have to do is to request a refund. I will teach you how to do that in the next paragraph.

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How Can I Ask For A Refund If Venmo Payment Declined? 


If you are sure that the money was debited from your account and it didn’t get to the receiver, you can request a refund by contacting Venmo customer support through these means. Call the Venmo customer support toll-free number at (855) 812-4430 from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. daily. 

Chat with a customer support agent on the Venmo mobile app. Or visit www.venmo.help.com.


This article has successfully explained what the message ” Venmo payment declined” means. It also explained the reasons for that message and how to fix it. However, if your money was debited in the process, you can request a refund by contacting Venmo support through the means stated in the post above. 

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