Scholarship For Masters In Nursing In Australia 2024/2025: Apply Now

Getting a scholarship for Masters in Nursing in Australia makes your schooling process easy and prepares you for a rewarding career in Nursing. Read this post to the end to get a perfect guide on how to apply for and get such scholarships.

Australia has over the years ranked as the third most popular place to get a Masters degree in nursing. As of 2021, a total of 33 nursing courses have been by the ANMAC and this has boosted the standard of education in Nursing and midwifery in the continent. Despite all of these, finance has been a major constraint in acquiring this degree, especially for international students.

However, with various scholarships, aid, and grants given annually by schools, non-governmental organizations, and well-meaning individuals, studying nursing in Australia has been made easy. All you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria, apply for the scholarship by applying the right strategies and in a few months.

You will be smiling your way through to the school of your choice. Continue reading to see how to apply, the eligibility, criteria, and every other requirement to get a scholarship for Masters degree in Nursing in Australia.

Top 15 Scholarships For Masters In Nursing In Australia


To aid and help students have a hassle-free education process while studying for their Masters degree in Nursing in Australia,   many universities offer scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships most times come in the form of financial aid that is paid annually into the student’s account. This usually includes tuition fees and accommodation. See some of them below.

  1. Australian Award Scholarship
  2. International Excellence Scholarship
  3. Deakin International Scholarship
  4. International House Entrance Scholarship.
  5. Gowrie Scholarship
  6. Hannah Barry Memorial Award.
  7. Vice Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship.
  8. Swinburn International Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship.
  9. Sir James McNeill Postgraduate Research Scholarship.
  10. Destination Australian Scholarship at the University of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Australia.
  11. Charles Darwin University Scholarship.
  12. Deakin Warrnambool Residential International Scholarship.
  13. Pathway to Victoria Scholarship Program.
  14. International Student Support Scholarship.
  15. UTS Enrolled Nurse International Scholarship.

Requirements For Masters Degree in Nursing In Australia


The requirements for getting a Masters Degree scholarship in Australia are a little bit different from those of an undergraduate scholarship. Also, the requirements depend on the type of scholarship and the sponsor. Hence there are no defined scholarship requirements. However, some basic requirements are listed below.

  • An excellent bachelor’s degree in Nursing from a recognized university. A minimum CGPA of 4.0 is required.
  • Must have a good record of community service.
  • A good English proficiency test score. In this case, you can choose between IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. And the leadt score must be 7.0, 98, and 65 respectively.
  • An Australian student visa which allows students to study in Australia. The visa is usually valid for a maximum of 5 years.
  • Previous academic transcript.
  • A statement of purpose.
  • Resume or CV.
  • Cover letter.

How To Apply For  Scholarship For Masters Degree In Nursing In Australia


There are two methods of application for a Masters Degree in Australia. See them below.

Offline Application

The first method is mostly used when the scholarship is being awarded by the institution. In this case, you are most likely going to apply for the scholarship in person. What this entails is going to the financial aid office of the nursing institution and submitting all required documents.

You will be asked to send your academic transcripts and other documents that were specified in the scholarship advert. If you do not reside in Australia, you can send them to the office through a courier service or DHL.

Online Application

Applying for scholarships online seems to be the most commonly used method these days. This method is mostly used by non-governmental organizations and other bodies that are not related to the institution of learning in question. In this case, the advert is published online either through scholarship websites or individual websites.

A link or an email address is usually provided. Hence all you need to do is follow the prompts, send all your required documents, and click on submit. If you are shortlisted, the organization will contact you to further discuss the details of the scholarship.

How To Find Scholarships For Masters In Nursing In Australia


Scholarships for Masters in nursing in Australia can be found in several places. As we mentioned earlier, they are found on University portals. So visit the career or financial aid section of your university website and you will be updated on recent scholarship openings.

You can also find these scholarships when you visit the Financial Aid department of your school in person. Note that this method is mostly suitable for those already residing in Australia.

Furthermore, make use of the internet to get information about recent scholarships in your field. You can do this by searching the keyword on your search engine. Otherwise. Register with scholarship portals who will notify you whenever there is an update.

Lastly, do not forget the power of networking. Network with other nurses to get information about scholarships in nursing in Australia. That can be done by joining professional nursing associations, and social media groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. You can also locate physical meeting venues and connect with people of like minds.

Are There Qualifying Exams For Scholarship For Masters Degree in Nursing in Australia?


No, the selection process for a Masters degree scholarship does not involve any exams. You are only required to meet the eligibility criteria and apply for it accordingly. The organization will look through your document and select the right candidate.

How Much Is Masters Of Nursing In Australia?


The fees for studying Masters of nursing in Australia vary from one institution to the other and it also changes from time to time. However, the average fee for 2023 is between 24,000 to 89,000 AUD.

Can I Get A Full Scholarship In Australia For a Masters?


Yes, there are lots of scholarships for international students to study Masters in Australia. These scholarships are usually awarded on merit. Hence, the right candidate must be someone who has excelled greatly during their undergraduate days.

Why Should I Study Masters of Nursing in Australia?


The following are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a Masters degree in Nursing in Australia.

  • Australia has a variety of the world’s top universities for nursing.
  • Registered nurses in Australia are among the highest-paid in the world.
  • Many universities in Australia offer clinical placement in major hospitals upon fini shing your Masters there as an international student.

Career Opportunities For Nurses in Australia

With a Masters degree in nursing in Australia, you can get any of the following jobs.

  • Staff nurse
  • Acute care nurse
  • Critical care nurse
  • Occupational therapist
  • Nursing service instructor
  • Head nurse
  • Nursing supervisor, etc.


Nursing is a very lucrative field and getting a scholarship for Masters in nursing in Australia will fast-track the process of uplifting your career. We hope that with all that has been explained in this article, you will be able to apply and secure a scholarship soon enough.