Atlantic International University Scholarships 2024/2025: Apply Now

Over a million dollars is spent on scholarships at Atlantic International University yearly. Are you looking forward to being one of the beneficiaries? Here is the greatest opportunity that you would not want to miss. All that you need to know about Atlantic International University scholarships has been succinctly outlined and explained here. So follow through it all to grab a full knowledge of it.

The United Nations Human Rights Declaration has succinctly stated that everyone has the right to education. And the Atlantic International University has over the years built on this by making education affordable and convenient for all. It has done this by providing programs and schemes that are budget-friendly thereby bringing your dreams to fulfillment.

Atlantic International University Scholarships


Apart from that, it is also involved in giving scholarships to deserving students and this has over the years helped a lot of people to take their careers to the next level without going through so much financial strain. It is important to note that many students who are interested in this university have very little or no knowledge about the scholarships offered here.

Hence, there are many doubts and misconceptions which will be clarified in this article. So follow us as we take you through all you need to know about Atlantic International University scholarships.

Does Atlantic International University Offer Full Scholarships?


Several types of scholarships are offered at the Atlantic International University. However, these are all partial scholarships. In other words, the school does not award full scholarships to students.

The available scholarships are termed partial because you will be offered an amount of money that will cover a part of your tuition and accommodation while you will be left to complete the other part of the tuition along with other school expenses.

Types Of Scholarships At The Atlantic International University


Like many other universities in the United States and other parts of the world, the available scholarships are broadly divided into parts. The types of scholarships that you can apply for as an undergraduate, graduate, international, or domestic student are itemized below;

  • Personal, career, or lifetime achievement scholarship: this type of scholarship is awarded to students who have achieved great feats in their personal and career lives. This could be in other fields aside from education. It is available to both graduate and undergraduate students. However, it is highly competitive.
  • Service Hours Offer Scholarship. This is the type of scholarship given to students who offer their service hours in exchange for a scholarship from the school. It is similar to volunteering.
  • Academic Achievement Scholarship. This is sometimes referred to as a merit-based scholarship. This type of scholarship is given to students of the Atlantic International University who have kept a track record of high academic excellence. Not just that, they have used their academic prowess to achieve great feats for themselves and the school.
  • Volunteer Contribution Scholarship: volunteer scholarships are awarded to students based on their contribution to the school community through volunteering activities.
  • Need-Based Scholarships. This type is determined by the unique circumstances surrounding the financial needs of the students. It is usually awarded after a series of financial reviews by the school’s aid office.

Eligibility Requirements For Atlantic International University Scholarships


Here are some requirements that must be met to make you eligible to get any of the scholarships explained above. Failure to provide them will automatically reduce your chances or disqualify you from receiving the scholarship.

  • You must be a bonafide student who has been admitted into the Atlantic International University.
  • Should have your FAFSA record sent before the expiration of the scholarship date. International students without a FAFSA are encouraged to visit the Financial Aid office online and talk to a representative who will put you through the alternatives.
  • Must have a good academic record with a CGPA of not less than 2.50 or its equivalent in your country (for international students).
  • A proof of dedication and commitment to community service and volunteering.
  • Proof of financial need
  • Evidence of other personal achievements aside from education.

How To Apply For Atlantic International University Scholarships


After confirming that you meet the requirements for the scholarship, take the following simple steps to apply for them.

Step 1: Request Information About The Scholarship

As we noted earlier, there are many scholarship opportunities. Although information about them abounds on the internet, it is best to get first-hand information from the school. Here you will be updated about the specific eligibility information of each scholarship as well as their expiry dates. This information is available on the school’s website.

Step 2: Fill Out An Application Form

Still on the website, click on “Apply Now”. This will take you to another page where you will be asked to enter your details including your email and phone number. With that, an application form will be sent to your email. Fill out the form by inputting the correct information.

Step 3: Submit Documents

Along with the application form, you will also be requested to submit other documents. Carefully arrange and upload them all.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

Now submit the application form and requested documents to the email address of the school through which the form was sent to you.

Stage 5: Interview Stage

After submitting your application, the Atlantic International University’s advisor will go through it and if there is a need for an interview, you will be invited through a phone call or an email. Note that not all successful candidates are invited for interviews. If all goes well, you will get the scholarship.

Atlantic International University Scholarships For International Students


Like domestic students, Atlantic International University welcomes students from different parts of the world. Hence, there are many international students in the school both in the graduate and undergraduate sections. Interestingly, most scholarship positions are open to international students. Therefore, you can apply for need-based scholarships, academic achievement scholarships, and others. We, however, advise you to consult the advisor for guidance.

Does Atlantic International University Accept Outside Scholarships?


You can get a private or outside scholarship to fund your studies at Atlantic University. If the funds will be credited to the school directly, visit the website of the school to contact the advisor. The advisor will include all necessary details in your record for recognition.

Is A Degree From Atlantic International University Respected?


AIU is quite a young institution compared to other notable higher institutions in the US. However, it is accredited and recognized in the United States. Nonetheless, some countries like Ghana, Oman, and Nigeria have added it to the list of substandard universities thereby discrediting its certificate.


Atlantic International University scholarships are available in a limited number. So if you are enrolled in the school and need a scholarship, follow the steps explained above to send in your application. However, ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements before you proceed.