6 Best Fake Zelle Payment Screenshot Generator

If you have been searching the internet in vain and have not seen the information you need on fake Zelle payment screenshot generator, then I want to welcome you to the best information center. In this article, you will learn about the Zelle payment screenshot generator. How it works as well as how to use them. I will also show you the 4 best Zelle payment screenshot generators.

If you have earlier been a victim of fake Zelle Screenshots, you will also learn how to differentiate a real from a fake Zelle payment screenshot. This post is highly loaded so relax and read thoughtfully to the end. 

Can You Create A Fake Zelle Payment Screenshot?


The simple answer to that is yes. With the current upsurge in technology, there seems to be nothing impossible. Anyone can do virtually anything hence you can create a fake Zelle Payment screenshot. So long as you are familiar with using any of the tools designed for that purpose, you can create a Zelle fake payment screenshot that would look the same as though it were an original screenshot. 

The Zelle Payment screenshot are created with the use of some tools known as the Zelle fake payment screenshot generators. What are they and how can they be used? Read on to get the answers. 

What Is Fake Zelle Payment Screenshot Generator?


I believe you already know that a screenshot is a photo of your phone’s screen taken with your phone while in use. A screenshot shows all the activities going on on your phone at the time of taking the photo. Screenshots are usually sent as proof of payment for goods and services especially if the payment was made with Zelle. 

However, some people in the bid to prank their friends or scam their clients usually create screenshots that are not real. The tools, software, apps, or websites used for creating the screenshots are what we refer to as the Zelle payment screenshot generators. Let’s see how the generators work as we move on. 

How Does Zelle Payment Screenshot Generator Work? 


Here is simply how the Zelle payment screenshot generators work. You will be directed to the website or download the app and install it. After that, you might be required to sign up. Most of these websites or apps have templates of the Zelle screenshot otherwise, you import one.

Just like editing a photo, you will have to enter the information of the client including the Zelle logo, name of the client, amount, date, time, etc. Then you save or download the photo. It’s as easy as that. 

Fake Zelle Payment Screenshot Generator Tools


When you search the internet, especially on Google, you will come across various apps, software, and websites that claim to help people generate Zelle screenshots.

Fake Zelle Payment Screenshot

There are over one thousand Zelle payment screenshot generators but I want to show you the best of them all. These generators are easy to use and do not waste much time. I will explain 5 of them below. 

Billdu App


Billdu is one of the best and most reliable Zelle payment screenshot generators to use. With Zelle, you can simply design the Zelle logo or emblem, amount, date, and time to look like an original screenshot and there would be no doubt or traces. 

To use Billdu, all you need to do is to download the mobile app and set up an account. It is important to state here that Billdu can also be used to create fake Cash App payment screenshots. 



Photoshop is another Zelle payment screenshot generator that is very reliable. Just like Billdu, you can create the emblem of Zelle and include other information that should be in an original Zelle screenshot into it. After downloading the app, you can proceed to YouTube to watch videos on how to use photoshop for beginners(if you had no previous knowledge golf how to use it). 

After that, you can go back to the app, and create the photo using the correct size, color, text, and all. Include the date, time, amount, and other information that should be present. When all is done, you can either save the photo or print it and send it to your client. 

Cash Receipt


Cash Receipt is a Zelle payment screenshot generator that is easy to use by people with little or no understanding of photoshop. Download and navigate through it to get your Zelle screenshot. 

Quick Receipt


Quick Receipt also falls into the list of the 5 best Zelle payment screenshot generators. This app is wonderful in the sense that it gives you a template to use hence you would not compromise the original color, size, and shape of your Zelle payment screenshot. It is very convenient to use and the results are usually very neat a d looks real. 

Custom Receipt Maker


This is another Zelle payment screenshot generator. It allows you to add the Zelle logo easily and you can also sync images to Google Drive. With this app, you can import a real Zelle receipt and enter your client’s information to form another receipt hence there will be no obvious differences. 

Disclaimer: this content is strictly for educational purpose, we do not encourage fraudulent activities in our blog. Fake Zelle Payment screenshot is mainly for prank, and show off. Don’t misuse this information or defraud anyone with it. Our blog (bankjara.com) will not be hold responsible for your actions after reading this content.

Is It Legal To Use Fake Zelle Payment Generator?


The legality of the Zelle payment screenshot generator depends on what the screenshots are used for. Many of the apps, especially those discussed above, were not made specifically for the generation of Zelle fake screenshots hence they are legal. 

However, if you use any of the fake Zelle payment screenshot generators above to create a receipt to scam others, then you are fraudulent. Scamming or internet fraud is illegal hence you should not participate in it. 

How To Spot Fake & Real Zelle Payment Screenshot


The screenshots that were created with the use of the Zelle fake payment screenshot generators are done in such a way that one may hardly spot any difference between them and a real screenshot.

Nonetheless, if you are very vigilant and you pay attention to little details, you might be able to spot some misprinting and slight differences in the text. 

However, the best and most reliable way to know if the sent screenshot is real or fake is to confirm if the job has been received. To do that you are advised to check through the following means. 

  • Check your Zelle balance by using the Zelle app on your mobile phone. 
  • Or check your Zelle balance using your Zelle card. 

If the screenshot is real, the sent amount of money will be reflected in your Zelle balance. 

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How To Contact Zelle


If you notice a scam involving the Zelle payment screenshot generator, the best thing to do is to contact Zelle. To contact Zelle visit the Zelle support website or call these numbers 1-844-428-8542, 009 1 501-748-8506



Creating fake receipts has become another predominant scam among internet fraudsters. This article has given you every necessary information about the fake Zelle payment screenshot generators tools and how you can easily use them to screenshot fake zelle receipt. Always confirm payment in your account balance and contact Zelle for help when it is needed. 

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