Wells Fargo ABA Number – Aba Number For Wells Fargo

I understand that some banking terms are very confusing. They can leave you racking your brain all day trying to figure out what it is. Are you one of those who want to know what the Wells Fargo ABA routing number is? Or could it be that you are only interested in knowing how to find your Wells Fargo ABA routing number?

Then you shouldn’t miss this article for anything in the world. Here you will get a clear, simple, and concise explanation of the Wells Fargo ABA routing number and also see what your number is. 

Banking institutions are currently witnessing a great increase in the number of money transfers. This is opposed to the previous ways of sending money manually as it were a few years ago. With this trend, one must be aware of every term associated with bank transfers. This is necessary to avoid sending money to the wrong destination. 

It is to help you and other Wells Fargo customers that this guide on Wells Fargo ABA routing number. Here you will get the meaning, uses, and how to find it, and also show you several Wells Fargo ABA routing numbers. 

You don’t need to be told that this guide is loaded. So relax as we get started. 

What Is An ABA Number?


An ABA routing number also known simply as routing number, RTN, or routing transit number is a unique set of nine digits that are used to identify the location of an account. In other words, your ABA routing number shows the institution that you bank with. ABA routing number was introduced in the 1900s by the American Bankers Association hence its name. 

The nine digits that make up the ABA routing number have a representation. For example, the ABA routing number is 1025-5667-4. Here,

1025 – the first four digits stand for federal routing. 

5667 – the next four digits represent American Bankers Association 

4 – the last digit represents your bank

The ABA routing number is used for processing direct deposits, ACH transfers, wire transfers, payments, check deposits, tax returns, government benefits, etc. Continue reading as we proceed to the Wells Fargo ABA routing number in depth. 

Does Wells Fargo Have An ABA Routing Number?


Of course Yes, all banks and financial institutions have ABA routing numbers, and Wells Fargo is not left out. In as much as it carries out financial transactions like direct deposit, ACH transfers, withe transfers, E-payment, tax return, etc, then it is expected to have a routing number. Keep reading to know more about the Wells Fargo ABA routing number.

How Many ABA Routing Numbers Does Wells Fargo Have?


Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in the United States and has so many branches across the different states of the country.

And as such has several ABA Routing numbers. Each state has a unique Wells Fargo ABA routing number. As you read on, I will show you some of the Wells Fargo ABA routing numbers. 

How Can I Find My Wells Fargo ABA Number?


There are several ways to find your Wells Fargo ABA routing numbers. I will highlight some of them below. 

  • On your paper Check. The first nine digits number at the bottom left of your check is your ABA routing number. 
  • On the Wells Fargo website.
  • On your Wells Fargo mobile app.
  • On your Wells Fargo bank statement. 
  • On this blog and other websites like this on using the search engine of your browser. 
  • Visit your bank. 
  • Call the Wells Fargo customer service phone number. The number is 800-869-3557. 

Is The Wells Fargo ABA Number The Same For All Branches?


No, the Wells Fargo ABA routing number is not the same for all branches hence the necessity to know how to find your routing number using those methods explained above. 

Having said that, I would like to reiterate that Wells Fargo bank has several routing numbers that vary from state to state. Although some states share the same routing number. So all the Wells Fargo banks in a particular state use the same ABA routing number. 

List Of Some Wells Fargo ABA Numbers


Below is the list of Wells Fargo ABA routing numbers for each state. 

Wells Fargo Alabama


Wells Fargo Alaska


Wells Fargo Arizona


Wells Fargo Arkansas


Wells Fargo California


Wells Fargo Colorado


Wells Fargo Connecticut


Wells Fargo Delaware


Wells Fargo District of Columbia


Wells Fargo Florida


Wells Fargo Georgia


Wells Fargo Hawaii


Wells Fargo Idaho


Wells Fargo Illinois


Wells Fargo Indiana


Wells Fargo Iowa


Wells Fargo Kansas


Wells Fargo Kentucky


Wells Fargo Louisiana


Wells Fargo Maine


Wells Fargo Maryland


Wells Fargo Massachusetts


Wells Fargo Michigan


Wells Fargo Minnesota


Wells Fargo Mississippi


Wells Fargo Missouri


Wells Fargo Montana


Wells Fargo Nebraska


Wells Fargo Nevada


Wells Fargo New Hampshire


Wells Fargo New Jersey


Wells Fargo New Mexico


Wells Fargo New York


Wells Fargo North Carolina


Wells Fargo North Dakota


Wells Fargo Ohio


Wells Fargo Oklahoma


Wells Fargo Oregon


Wells Fargo Pennsylvania


Wells Fargo Rhode Island


Wells Fargo South Carolina


Wells Fargo South Dakota


Wells Fargo Tennessee


Wells Fargo Texas


Wells Fargo Texas, El Paso


Wells Fargo Utah


Wells Fargo Vermont


Wells Fargo Virginia


Wells Fargo Washington


Wells Fargo West Virginia


Wells Fargo Wisconsin


Wells Fargo Wyoming


Can I Use The Wells Fargo ABA Number For International Transfer?


The answer to that is both Yes and No. I will explain the reason for such an answer. With Wells Fargo bank, there is a separate ABA routing number for transacting international transfers. Hence you cannot use the ABA routing number of your state for processing international transfers. 

I answered yes because, although it is different, the routing number for processing International transfers is also an ABA routing number. Here, that number is referred to as the Wells Fargo routing number for wire transfers.  

What Is The Wells Fargo ABA Number Used For Wire Transfer?


The Wells Fargo ABA routing number for wire transfers is 121000248. This is the number that is used for domestic wire transfers and international wire transfers to any Wells Fargo bank within the United States. 

Note that for international wire transfers, you cannot use the ABA routing number alone. It is used alongside the Wells Fargo SWIFT code. Read more about SWIFT code here. 

Is The Wells Fargo ABA Routing Number For Wire Transfers The Same For All Branches?


Yes, there is only one Wells Fargo ABA routing number. And that is what I stated above. That number is used for processing domestic and international transfers for all Wells Fargo branches. Hence the Wells Fargo Routing number for wire transfers is the same for all Wells Fargo branches. 

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Is My Wells Fargo ABA routing number The Same As My Account Number?


No, your Wells Fargo ABA routing number Is not the same as your account number. They both have different functions and outlooks. While your ABA routing number is made up of nine digits, your bank account number is usually ten digits or more. 

The ABA routing number is used to identify or locate a bank as we started earlier in this post. But your account number is used to locate your personal details and account within the bank. It can be said that your account number is personal or within while the Wells Fargo ABA routing number is external and public. 



So far we have been able to explain what the Wells Fargo ABA routing number is. The article also showed you a list of Wells Fargo ABA routing numbers as well as how you can find yours. I hope with this, all your questions on this topic have been answered and you no longer have any doubt about it. 

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