Is Cash App Safe To Receive Money From Strangers? [ Quick Answer ]


Is Cash App safe to receive money from strangers? The above is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet today. This article has elaborately answered this question as well as explained other safety tips that you will need to keep your funds safe from fraudsters on Cash App. 

Like Venmo and Zelle, Cash App is a mobile payment platform majorly used to send and receive money between peers, family, and close associates. In about a decade of its existence, the app has gotten over 20 million users thereby beating its counterparts. 


And as expected, the growth in the number of users has also led to the rise of many vices on the app. Hence everyone is skeptical about transacting with each other. This has raised a lot of questions. One such question is “is Cash App safe to receive money from strangers?” 

As simple as its answer may seem, there are lots of things involved in it. And these are what this article has discussed. So read carefully to digest it all. 

Can I Receive Money From Strangers On Cash App?


Yes, you can receive money from anyone on Cash App. As long as the other party has your Cash App username ($cashtag), email address, and phone number, they can see your money without you requesting it. 

And of course, sending and receiving money on Cash App is easy hence there are not many protocols to receive money from a stranger on Cash App. See how it is done below. 

Why Did I Receive Money From A Stranger On Cash App?


Getting money from an unknown person could be a result of several reasons. It could be done in error, surprise, gift, etc. The following are some likely reasons why you would receive money from a stranger on Cash App. 

  • You requested it from a random person which could be a celebrity or any other random $cashtag. 
  • The sender entered the wrong Cash App information while sending it. 
  • A close person asked someone else to send it to you. 
  • It could also be one of the many Cash App scams. 

How To Receive Money From Strangers On Cash App


While we gradually move on to answer “is Cash App safe to receive money from strangers?” Let’s see how you can receive a payment that is sent to you by a stranger. Of course, we have said that it is possible to receive money from strangers or random persons. This could have happened for several reasons. 

Nonetheless, the process of getting or receiving the money is different from a payment coming from a familiar person. As long as you have not previously received a payment from this person and you did not request the money from them, then take the following steps to accept the payment. 

  • Log in to your Cash App.
  • On the home screen, click on the clock icon at the bottom to go to the Activity Tab. 
  • On the Pending Tab, you will find all pending payments including those that you have not accepted. 
  • At the side of each pending payment, click on the green Accept button. 
  • You will see a pop-up message asking you to confirm that you would like to receive payment from that person. 
  • Click on Confirm and then on Done. 

With this, you have accepted the payment from the stranger. I know by now you will be wondering how safe it is to accept money from strangers on Cash App. Let’s discuss this in the section below. 

Is Cash App Safe To Receive Money From Strangers?


Cash App is safe to use for sending and receiving money. Hence, it can be said that Cash App is safe to receive money from both strangers and those that you are familiar with. However, you have to apply caution when receiving money from strangers on Cash App. 

Cash App has discouraged the acceptance of money from strangers on Cash App. Its emphasis is that while using Cash App, endure that you transact with only those that you are familiar with. This is to avoid getting scammed on the app. 

As much as the app is FDIC insured and there is machinery placed to ensure the safety of your funds on the app, any mistake on your part could lead to a loss of money that may not be recovered afterward. 

This is because Cash App scams are on the rise and fraudsters keep deciding new measures of defrauding people. So while it might be safe to receive money from strangers on the app, it could open you up to scams. 

Can I Get Scammed By Receiving Money From A Stranger?


Yes, receiving money from a stranger on Cash App can be one way to hack your account and through this, you can be scammed. 

Although not directly, it is one of the schemes of scammers. Here, the stranger who might be a scammer sends you some amount of money. After a while, you might be contacted by them to send back the money. In the process, they could get access to some of your Cash App information which could be used in the long run to scam you. 

There are so many Cash App scams on the internet today. Therefore one must be very careful not to transact with strangers as you never can tell who the next scammer is and the avenue that would be used.  

What Can I Do If I Receive Money From A Stranger On Cash App?


  • Wait for a while for the sender to contact you. 
  • Refund the money if it was sent in error. 
  • Block the sender to prevent further transactions between you both. 
  • Report the transaction to the Cash App support team for further investigation. 

Other Types Of Cash App Scams. 


The act of getting money from strangers is not the only type of Cash App that there is. Going over the Internet, you will come across reports of different fraudulent activities that are being carried out in the name of Cash App. I will list some of them below. 

  • Fake Cash App giveaway scam
  • Sugar daddy Cash App 
  • Phony Cash App representatives
  • Money Flipping scam
  • Pet Sale Scam, etc. 

How To Protect Yourself From Being Scammed By A Stranger. 


To protect yourself from Cash App scams, do not give your information, especially your PIN, to anyone. And ensure to put a security lock on your phone. You can also log out of Cash App after every transaction and do not click on unsolicited links. Most importantly, do not send or receive money from people of questionable identity. 

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Is Cash App safe to receive money from a stranger? The answer as we have explained in the article is Yes. However, it could be used as an avenue to get some of your info that could be used to scam you. Therefore, transact with only those you are sure of their identity on Cash App.