How To Get Paper Money Option On Cash App [ Fast Method ]

Are you worried because your Cash App does not have a paper money option? Then wear a broad smile on your face as that will be a thing of the past after reading this guide. This guide will show you how to get paper money option on cash app for easy cash withdrawal on your Cash App. 

Founded in 2013, Cash App has been a great force in financial transactions. It is a mobile money app that is used for multiple purposes including sending and receiving money, paying bills, investing in stock and Bitcoin, etc. 

Its many functions have led to its popularity hence there are over 70 million users in the world today. As of when it was first launched, its functions were restricted to sending and receiving money alone. As time went on, it took up more functions with various upgrades. The most recent one is the inclusion of the paper money option. 

If you are familiar with social media and the internet, you, like me, would have come across queries from people saying “my Cash App does not have paper money option“. So, this guide is meant to teach you how to get it in your Cash App. Do read with me as I show you the easy steps to do that in a few minutes. 

What Is Cash App Paper Money Option? 


The paper money option is one of the newest features of Cash App that enables you to easily transfer money. With it, you can make payments in some major currencies like Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, British Pounds, etc. 

Hence you do not have to worry about converting your money before sending it to someone else who uses any of the above currencies. And if you are to receive money from a person using any of the above me toned currencies, there is no cause for alarm as the money can be sent to you in your currency through the Cash App paper money option. 

Furthermore, you can deposit cash into your Cash App account with the paper money option at designated centers. So also can you withdraw cash with this option.

So in summary, the Cash App paper money option makes the transfer, deposit, and withdrawal of cash easier

Why Doesn’t My Cash App Have The Paper Money Option?


There are several reasons why the paper money option isn’t showing up in your Cash App. I will quickly state some of them below. 

Outdated Cash App Version. 

If your Cash App does not have the paper money option, it could be that your app is out of date. Most old versions of Cash App do not have this feature as it is a new feature. So, all you need to do here is to update it to the latest version and you will find it. 

You Have Not Activated It.

You do not have the Cash App paper money option because you are yet to activate or turn it on. The feature does not come readily activated. Even while it is in the app, you would need to turn it on to start using it. 

In the next paragraph, I will teach you how to turn on the paper money option in your Cash App. 

How To Get Paper Money Option On Cash App


Listen, before you can be able to get paper money option working on your cash app account” you need to activate your account and make sure that the app is up-to-date.

Now, to turn on or activate your cash app paper money option, kindly follow the below steps in the next paragraph.

How Do I Turn On My Cash App Paper Money?


We noted above that the paper money option will only work for you if you turn it on. Below are the simple steps to activate or turn it on. 

  • Log in to your Cash App account. 
  • Click on the banking or money tab on the home screen. 
  • Click on Paper Money
  • How To Get Paper Money Option On Cash App
  • Follow the prompt to get the map as well as other details. 


  • Log in to your Cash App
  • Click on the Menu icon at the top of the home screen
  • Click on Settings 
  • Scroll downwards and tap on the paper money option. 
  • Follow the prompt to include all other required information. 

If you followed these steps carefully, you would have successfully activated the paper money option. If however, you weren’t able to do it, then see the next paragraph for help. 

Why Can’t I Turn On My Cash App Paper Money Option?


If you have followed the steps discussed above and the paper money option still does not show up on your device. Then, there might be a problem with your account. In this case, you have to contact Cash App support for assistance. Don’t worry, the process is easy and fast. See it below. 

How To Contact Cash App Support


  • Open your Cash App 
  • Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner of the home screen. 
  • Scroll down to the next page and click on Support. Then tap “Something Else” 
  • Now scroll down and click on the Cash Card option. 
  • On the next page, click on Contact Support. 
  • Click on Not About A Transaction. 
  • On the next page, you will find the option to talk to a representative. Click on CHAT and explain the issue. With this done, Cash App would fix the problem and get the paper money option working. 

You can also contact support by visiting

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How Can I Add Money To Cash App? 


There are many options to consider when it comes to adding money to your Cash App account. See some of them below. 

  • From your linked bank account: this option is available to those who had earlier added a bank account to their Cash App. Simply click on add money and follow the prompt. 
  • Request From A Friend: you can also add money to your Cash App by sending a request to a friend while you give them cash back. 
  • Lastly, if you have activated the paper money option, use the site map to locate a recommended outlet. There you can add money to your Cash App through the agent. 


I am confident that with all that has been explained in this guide, the issue of “my Cash App does not have a paper money option” is a thing of the past. Diligently follow every step and you will be glad you did. Don’t forget to contact support if the problem persists.