How To Delete Cash App History 2023 [ Delete Transaction History ]

This guide has compiled every step that you need in the process of teasing your Cash App transaction history. So if you are one of those skimming endlessly through the internet in search of how to delete Cash App history, pay keen attention to the details written in this guide. 

Here, you will also find answers to many other questions bothering around Cash App history on your android and iPhone. Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

As of the end of 2022, Cash App has over 70 million users. And just like its counterpart Venmo, the app keeps growing in popularity. In case you are not aware, Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment app that is used for sending, receiving, and paying bills, as well as other financial transactions. 

Its multiple functions and growth in popularity have prompted many users in the quest to know how to delete Cash App history. What is Cash App history? Can the history be deleted? How can it be done? These and more are the questions that we are set to answer in this article. So let’s see them. 

What Is Cash App History?


I believe you are aware that History involves the record of past events or activities. It is in light of this, therefore, that Cash App history can be seen as the record of past activities on your Cash App account. 

In other words, the record of all transactions that you have made with your account including those sent and received is what is referred to as Cash App History. It involves the total amount of money that has been debited and credited to your account for a period. 

Cash App functions like a regular bank account hence it keeps a record of all your transactions for future reference. Hence you can easily go back to them if the need arises. This is why the Cash App history is important. See how to check it in the next paragraph. 

How To Check Your Cash App Transaction History


The app is designed so that once you have an account and had previously transacted with it, the record is kept for you. So, if you encounter some form of mix-up or failure in your transactions, you can always check the history to get the details. The following are the simple steps to check your Cash App history. 

  • Log in to your Cash App and click on the Clock Icon at the top right corner. 
  • That will take you to the activity tab where the names of everyone you’ve transacted with are listed. 
  • Click on each name to see the details of the transaction. 

With these simple steps, you have succeeded in checking your transaction history. Do you also know that the history can be downloaded? Read on to get the details. 

Can I Download My Cash App Transaction History?


Yes, you can download your Cash App history. Although with recent trends in technology, printing documents on paper might not be necessary. However, if there is a need to get your history on paper probably for proper documentation, then you can download the history before printing. 

Luckily, Cash App has provided an option that makes the process of downloading the document easy. See the steps below. 

  • Navigate to your Cash App Activity Tab as stated in the previous paragraph. 
  • Click on “Statement“. 
  • On the next tab, tap on the Print Icon. 
  • Click on the downside arrow to change the destination of the file. 
  • Click on ” Save As PDF” on the sub-menu that will be displayed. 
  • You can now choose to rename your file and click on download. 

Once the file has been downloaded, you can print and document it. 

How To Delete Cash App History On Android & iPhone


Now, after downloading the history, some users are still eager to know How to delete their Cash App History. This most importantly is for security reasons as third parties could get access to their devices.

Although security is a good reason for such a quest, it might interest you to know that there is no way to delete Cash App history. This is because Cash App functions like a bank hence it does not allow you to alter your history or statement. All transactions are secure with them and there is no option for deleting the history. 

Why Can’t I Delete My Cash App History? 


The major reason why you can not delete your Cash App account is because of Federal Law. Here is what it means. Cash App is seen as a proper back account just like every other regular financial institution. And in compliance with Federal Law, all transactions must be duly and properly recorded. 

Therefore deleting the history would utter the record hence it is unlawful. It is in line with that Cash App has no option for deleting your History. 

The only way out of this if you intend to secure your account and make it more private is to hide your history. See how to do it in the next section. 

How To Hide Cash App Transaction History


To keep your transaction private and prevent others from seeing your history when they get access to your phone, use any of these two methods. 

Log Out After Every Transaction

The best way is to always log out of Cash App after every transaction. By doing this, anyone who gets access to your device would need your login details to be able to access your transaction history on Cash App. 

Change Your Phone Lock. 

Changing the password, pattern, or PIN to your phone’s screen is another way to keep your Cash App history away from Intruders. 

Nonetheless, you can opt to delete your Cash App account if you do not need it anymore. 

How To Delete Your Cash App Account


To delete or deactivate your Cash App account, kindly check our page that best explained how to delete cash app account, or contact the Cash App Support Team Cash App Support Team

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How To Delete Someone From Cash App History


For those asking, if it’s possible to delete someone from your cash app history? The answer is No! You heard me very well, it’s impossible to remove someone from your cash app history. However, you can only hide your cash app transactions by changing your security lock and always log out after transactions.


How To Clear Cash App History

can you clear history on cash app? I have seen a lot of people asking this question. But the answer remains No, as explained above, you can not clear or delete your Cash App history on any device. 

Can I Take A Screenshot Of My Cash App History? 

Yes, rather than going through the process of downloading your history on Cash App, you can simply take a screenshot of it. It is usually done the same way as your usual screenshots

How To Delete Transaction History On Cash App

We have said this earlier, it’s impossible to delete transaction history on cash app. However, you can hide the transactions be following the above steps. Cash App functions like bank, all transactions are intact and cannot be tampered with. This is strictly for security reasons and keeping of records of your activities.


So far, we have successfully cleared your doubt regarding how to delete Cash App history. We also showed you how to check, download, and hide your Cash App history among other info. I hope this article has been helpful and informative.