6 Best Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshot Generator

Have you been scammed with a game payment receipt on PayPal before, hence you want to know more about how it works? Or do you intend to create a fake payment screenshot to prank your friends and loved ones? This is the right place to learn about Fake PayPal money sent screenshots. So read on to get the right and accurate information that you seek.

PayPal  is a peer-to-peer payment platform like Cash App that is mostly used by businesses to send and receive money. It is a very popular platform as it is easy to navigate and use. 

In the course of using it, however, sellers often demand payment screenshots or receipts. This has led to the creation of fake screenshots. In this article, you will learn how they are made, how to spot the difference between fake and real screenshots, and so much more. So read carefully with me. 

PayPal Money Sent Screenshot


The PayPal money sent screenshot is the photo of the screen of your phone showing the activities going on at the time it was taken. In this case, the photo serves as a receipt of payment that has been sent to someone. 

It is mostly used as evidence of payment in a case where a concrete receipt is not readily available. So, after the money has been sent on PayPal, the sender quickly takes a screenshot of the confirmation message. This message contains the amount that was sent as well as the details of the sender and receiver. 

What Is A Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshot? 


A fake PayPal money sent screenshot, on the other hand, is a phony or counterfeit version of a PayPal payment screenshot. That is the screenshot that is sent to the receiver when no payment has been made in the actual sense. 

This fake screenshot usually contains every information as it is in a real one to the extent that one might not spot any difference between them. There are some reasons for doing this. See some of them below.  

Reasons For Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshots.


There are diverse reasons for creating fake PayPal money sent screenshots. I will quickly discuss a few of them below. 

For Prank.

The commonest reason for creating this fake screenshot is to prank friends and family. This mostly happens with young high school students who in the guise of having sent money to their friends, make these screenshots. 

For Adverts And Promotions.

People also create fake screenshots or receipts for PayPal when there is a need to make an advertisement on PayPal. Websites, blogs, billboards, and other forms of adverts make use of this. 

To Scam Or Defraud Others. 

This is another reason for creating those screenshots. This time, however, the reason is fraudulent. During the process of transacting business, some people usually demand a receipt for a payment made through PayPal. 

What happens is that the scammers who have not paid any money, design fake PayPal money sent screenshots, and send them to the seller. 

I know you would love to see how these screenshots are designed or made. Read the succeeding paragraph to get the details. 

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How To Generate Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshot?


Fake PayPal receipt money sent screenshots are usually made through the use of some tools online. These tools come in the form of websites, apps, APKs, etc.

Most times, one may need a basic knowledge of graphic design, HTML, and a PC to be able to do it. In other cases, there are existing templates and all that is needed is to input the information that you would love to see in your screenshot.  

Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshot

These tools are generally called fake PayPal money sent screenshots generator. You create them, you would also need to get a PayPal account that has at least a one-time transaction on it. In other words, you should have an existing PayPal account that has a payment history. 

Below are the steps you need to take to generate the fake money sent screenshot on PayPal. 

  • Login to your account at http://paypal.com/ using a Chrome browser 
  • On the site, you will be redirected to the summary page on the right side. Here you will find your transition for the last 30 days. 
  • Tap on any of the transactions and view them.
  • At this juncture, click on the menu bar of your chrome (three does at the top right corner). 
  • Scroll to where you have More Tools. 
  • Click on Developer Tools or Ctrl + Shift + I. 
  • This will show you the source code of the page. And with it, you can manipulate the CSS or HTML of the page. 
  • Now tap on the element that you would like to utter, and click on Ctrl + F to quickly find the element. After doing that, change the figures as you wish. 
  • Save the new source code and open it in Chrome. 
  • Take a screenshot of it and now you have your fake PayPal money sent screenshot. 

Another easier way to do that is to simply copy the already written code into your text editor or generator. After that, open it with your browser and you will get the same result.

Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshot Generator 


If you want to know some of the apps that you can use to create fake PayPal money sent screenshots or payment receipts, see some of them below.


With QuickBook, you can do a lot of accounting activities, bill management, expense tracking, and so on. And if you use it well, it is also a very good fake PayPal money-sent screenshot generator. 


As much as it can be used to create a perfect-looking fake PayPal payment receipt, FreshBooks is an accounting software for creating professional invoices. It gives you a Simple and Modern template to work with hence you can design any invoice of your choice. 


Zoho is another app that provides easy-to-use tools for creating invoices including fake PayPal payment receipts. The invoice can be created in PDF, Word, or Excel formats. 

Invoice Ninja

This is a website that is very easy to use in creating fake receipts that look exactly like the original PayPal receipt. It has an automatic bill import feature, customized proposals, and invoice option. 


This is perfect for you if you want to create a fake PayPal money-sent screenshot. It can also be used by sellers or retailers who want to create a written statement for customers. Its templates are perfectly designed hence they are exactly like a PayPal receipt. 

The receipts are easy to use as you can edit them to get your desired results. All you need to do is download the file to Word, PDF, or Excel Format. 


With Jotform, you have access to a fake PayPal screenshot template. What’s more interesting is that you can collect information including customers’ signatures online using this app. 


 With SquareUp, you have access to an unlimited number of fake PayPal payment screenshots. It gives you templates that make your work look professional. And it is easy to use by downloading and editing the information. 

Others are; 

  • Custom Receipt Maker
  • Wave Invoicing
  • Fake Receipts, etc.

Disclaimer: this content is strictly for educational purpose, we do not encourage fraudulent activities in our blog. Fake PayPal money sent screenshot is mainly for prank, and show off. Don’t misuse this information or defraud anyone with it. Our blog (bankjara.com) will not be hold responsible for your actions after reading this content.

Should I Create A Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshot?


You should not create fake PayPal money sent screenshots for the purpose of cheating or scamming anyone. This could land you in trouble and you might be made to face the law if you are caught. 

However, if you are going to use it for advertisement, entertainment, or prank, then you can create one. 

Any activity that is meant to defraud another party is against the law hence it is a punishable offense. 

Confirmation Fake PayPal Money Sent Screenshot


A lot of PayPal users requesting for information on how to differentiate between a fake and real PayPal money sent screenshot. Well, the truth is” it is difficult to spot the authenticity of a fake payment screenshot on PayPal.

This is because the scammers make them look so real. However, there are a few factors to look out for when you get such money sent screenshots or payment emails. 

Check the Company’s name and contact information. Most fake screenshots do not correctly display the company’s name. So, if you spot any difference here, then the receipt or screenshot is fake. 

Evaluate The Source Of The Email. Most times, scammers send emails to their victims. Always evaluate the source before you confirm the payment. 

Nonetheless, the most accurate way to know a fake payment screenshot is to confirm the receipt of the money in your account. In other words, check your PayPal profile to see if the money has been credited. If the money is in the account, then the screenshot is real, if not, then it is fake. 

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I believe you gained so much knowledge from this article. Now you can see how the fake PayPal money sent screenshots are made. You can also make yours if only you do not intend to scam others with it. Don’t forget that confirming payment on your account balance is the best way to confirm and identify a fake screenshot.