How To Generate Fake Google Pay Screenshot

If you want to know more about the Fake Google Payment Screenshot generator, then get your seat and read this article carefully. We have answered all your questions that bother around this topic while exposing you to how it works and how to spot the difference between a real and a fake Google Pay payment screenshot.

I believe you don’t need to be told that this is what you have been searching for. So let us begin.

With the upsurge in modern-day technology, there had been a need for online payment of goods and services. And the need to provide proof of payment where a receipt is not available has necessitated the use of screenshots. 

However, recently there have been queries about fake Google Pay balance and payment screenshots generator. Hence people want to know if there are apps to create fake screenshots on Google Pay. Read this article that contains every information that is needed on this issue as we begin.

Is There A Fake Google Pay Screenshot Generator?


I did research about this before writing this article and my result shows that there are no Google Payment screenshot generators. What we have at best are applications where photos can be edited and the HTML uttered to fit into the desire of the editor.

Also, some websites claim to help users generate fake google pay screenshots but in all, they only help you edit an already existing photo.

There are so many such applications and websites on the internet today. They have the templates already listed out. When you enter, you would have to design it to look exactly like your desired result which in this case is the Google Pay screenshot.

You will be required to enter the supposed receiver’s name, ID, account details ls, the amount paid, and a short description showing that the payment has been made successfully.

All these are geared towards scamming the person who is supposed to receive the money in such a way that when it is presented, they would believe that the payment was made.

How To Make Fake Google Pay Screenshot


The best way to make fake google pay balance or payment screenshot is by editing an old screenshot with a third party app. Currently, you can’t possibly generate fake google pay screenshot from scratch using a third party app.

Rather you will be prompt to use old google pay balance or successful payment for proper editing. Yes, if you want the screenshot to look very real and indictable, you will have to edit the original one.

But in a situation where you don’t have old google pay screenshot, what you will do is to open the app, use another phone to take a picture of the app background after successful payment or the balance.

Google Pay Payment Screenshot


If you want to use the generator tool to create google pay fake payment screenshot, then’ you have to do this. Get old google pay successful payment and edit it with the current information of the new receiver like this;

  • You will visit their page, website, or app, 
  • Enter the following information of the receiver: name, last four digits of the person’s bank account number, transaction ID, date, Time, UPI ID, phone number, and amount. 
  • After filling in all the details that are needed to make the screenshot look real, clock on SEND. 
  • Save the demo transaction screenshot that will be displayed on your screen. 

It is that screenshot that is usually sent to the receiver as evidence of the person. 

How To Create Fake Google Pay Balance Screenshot


If you want to prank your friends by showing them a huge amount of money in your Google pay account, $10,000 or even more. Meanwhile you don’t have money in your account, then’ you have to edit your Google pay account balance. This is how to do it;

  • You can visit Google play and download fake pay, or prank maker app.
  • Install and  use previous screenshot to edit in a way that’ no one will ever find out.
  • It’s very easy, the app features will help you achieve it very fast.

Is It Legal To Use Fake Google Pay Screenshot?


No, the fake Google Pay payment screenshot generators are not legal. They are not recognized by Google. The initial purposes of creating such are not known but since they are used fraudulently, it is safe to say they are not legal. 

Anyone reported having used that in defrauding someone is at the mercy of the law. The only way to show evidence of payment on Google Pay is to generate a receipt directly on the app or take a screenshot directly. 

Can I Use The Fake Google Pay Payment Screenshot Generator?


Although the fake Google Pay screenshot generators are used for fun (to prank friends), but mainly to scam others and such, they are illegal. Being illegal, it is not advised that you use them. 

Why should you participate in something that is not legal, if on any occasion it is associated with fraud, you might be arrested hence there is no need to use them in the first place. 

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How To Spot Fake Google Pay Payment Screenshot


As difficult as it might be to spot or differentiate between a real and a fake Google Pay payment screenshot, if you pay attention to details, you might be able to spot some variance with an original screenshot. 

Most noticeable differences are often found in the misprinting and faint letters since it has gone through a series of editing. Nevertheless, read the next paragraph to see the best way to avoid getting defrauded with the fake Google Pay payment screenshot. 

Fake Google Pay Screenshot Scam, How To Avoid It 

The best and simplest way to protect yourself from the scam of a fake Google Pay payment screenshot generator is to always confirm payment in your account. That is, when the screenshot is sent, check that the money has been reflected in your Google Pay account before you let the individual go. 

To do this, visit the transaction history section of your Google Pay account and confirm if the money has been added to your account. It is only on that basis that you can be sure that the screenshot is not fake. 


Fake Google Pay payment screenshot generators are illegal if used illegally hence it is best avoided. We have shown you how it works and how to spot the differences between a fake and a real screenshot. Always confirm payments on your Google Pay account balance and report any phishing transaction to the customer service of Google Pay. 

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