Fake Bank Account Balance ( 5 Best Apk )

Have you ever been a victim of fake bank account balance screenshots? Do you desire to learn how to spot and generate fake bank account balance? If you answered any of those questions in the affirmative, then you should not skip reading this article. If you want to prank your friends with a $200,000 or even more account balance, this article will teach you how to create it effortlessly.

As technology advances, it has brought with it great advantages and disadvantages. This is so because in our world today, there seems to be nothing impossible. And as such, there is always a fake part of any original. This is the case with the fake bank account balance generator Apk.

What are they, how do they work, and what are the reasons for creating them? These are more, are the questions that this post has answered. So read between the lines to find the answers. 

What Are Fake Bank Account Balance Generator?


Fake bank account screenshot generators are Apps, software, tools, and websites that are used to screenshot of bank account balance that are not real, probably for prank or show off. In case you do not know, a screenshot is a snapshot or a recorded screen of your mobile phone. The screenshot shows the activities going on on your phone at the time that it was taken. 

So the fake bank account balance generator are those tools that are used to construct a photo that looks as though it is the activities going on your phone while making a transaction on your banking app or a website such as payment or account balance. But in an actual sense, no transaction was made.

The Apps used in making those screenshots or photos are what are referred to as fake bank account balance prank. You will understand this better as we move on to see how they work. 

How Does Fake Bank Account Balance Screenshot Generator Work?


The fake bank account screenshot generator can be used to show fake bank account payments or to show a fake bank account balance. Whichever information you choose to create about your bank account, these generators can do it. Here is how they work. 

When you download the tool or software or you visit the website, you might be required to register. If it does not demand registration, then you can go ahead and start designing the screenshots. Some of them might require a little knowledge of graphics to be able to get a perfect fake bank account screenshot. 

In some other cases, you may be presented with several templates to use. However, the case may be, all you need to do is to get an original screenshot and workaround the generator to make sure that the fake looks like the real screenshot. You can even get a real screenshot and do editing to suit your current needs by putting the following information. 

  • Bank name
  • Account number of the recipient
  • Recipient’s name
  • Date
  • Account balance
  • Transaction ID, etc. 

Just ensure that it looks like the original bank account balance screenshot. You will see some of the Apps and tools as we proceed. So continue reading. 

Fake Bank Account Balance Screenshot ( 5 Generator Tools )


There are very several fake bank account balance screenshot makers on the web. But for the sake of this post, I will explain the best 10 tools to use and create bank account balance screenshot in the following paragraphs. 

Premium Photoshop Software

This is the best and most powerful software you can use to create fake bank account balance screenshot generator. Premium Photoshop can only be used on a PC. With it, you can create beautiful pictures, artworks, graphics, and of course, the bank account screenshot. 

To use this software, you might need to watch some videos on YouTube to learn some basic graphics and design concepts. This is because it is a lit bit difficult for those that are not professionals. 

Invoice Maker And Estimate App Bildu

This app is used by many business owners and freelancers to create invoices for their businesses. With it, you can also create fake screenshots of various financial institutions including fake bank account balance or payment screenshot to prank your friends. It is free to use. 

Wave Invoice

If you want quality and top-notch-looking fake bank account balance screenshots, then you should consider Wave Invoice. The fake bank account balance generator is available for Android and Apple devices. You can easily integrate your bank into it and input the details you want to see. In the end, you can save it as PDF, print, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. 

Money Prank Pro

As the name implies, Money Prank Pro is another fake screenshot generator. This is used for editing fake bank payments and balances. It is easy to use but you must first download and launch the app. 

Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro

With this app, you can edit anything that involves a bank account balance. All you need to do is to download the app and sign up. After that you can choose from any of its five sections, to take you to the section of the bank account where you need to get a fake copy. Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro is an easy-to-use fake bank account balance screenshot generator. 

Other fake bank account balance screenshot generators are

  • Fake Alert Maker For Android. 
  • LoftySms app: this can be used for sending fake bank alerts and also. 
  • Flash Fund App
  • Quick Receipt. 
  • Invoice Ninja

Disclaimer: this content is strictly for educational purpose, we do not encourage fraudulent activities in our blog. Fake Zelle Payment screenshot is mainly for prank, and show off. Don’t misuse this information or defraud anyone with it. Our blog (bankjara.com) will not be hold responsible for your actions after reading this content.

Reasons For Fake Bank Account Balance Screenshot Generator?


There are several reasons why fake screenshot generators are created and used. Some of the reasons are highlighted below.

  • To prank friends and family for fun. 
  • For promotions and adverts
  • To scammer unsuspecting people.

Are Fake Bank Account Balance Screenshot Generator Apk Real?


Yes, the fake bank account screenshot generators are real and they exist. When you go through the web you sometimes come across them. And from our research, they are simple tools. Some of them are familiar as you might have even come across them without the knowledge of what they are used for.

fake bank account balance

There is much evidence of people who had used the fake bank account screenshot generators which had worked very nicely for them. Hence we have concluded that the fake bank account screenshot generators are real.

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How To Spot A Fake Bank Account Balance Screenshot


To spot a fake screenshot of bank account balance, check that all the figures match up. Also, search for inconsistencies and errors in the prints and documents.

However, the best way to confirm is to check your account balance to see if any payment was made into it. In order not to be deceived, you can contact your bank to confirm the balance. 

Is It Safe To Use Fake Bank Account Balance Generator?


The extent to which the fake bank account screenshot generator is safe is determined by the intention of using them. If you are using the generators for  fraudulent activities and scams, then it is not safe. 

This is because if you are caught, you will be made to face the law. However, if you are using them for advertisement and promotions, then they are safe to use.



Fake bank account balance screenshot generators work well if they are used for adverts and other personal purposes. However, if you are seen using them for fraud, you will be made to face the law.

We have shown you how the generators work and some of the software for getting them. Also, look out for the errors stated above and confirm all banking transactions to avoid being a victim of scams.