Does Kroger Take PayPal? – Does Kroger Accept PayPal? 

Does Kroger take PayPal? Does Kroger accept PayPal? These are some of the many questions that are being asked by users of Kroger and PayPal every day. If you are one of those who desire to get a direct and simple answer to any of those questions or other similar ones, then you have arrived at the solution center.

In this article, we have carefully explained the answer to “does Kroger accept PayPal” in clear and simple terms. I know you will not want to miss this. So let’s start right away. 

Kroger is one of the most famous American grocery stores or supermarkets. It was founded in 1883 and currently has over 2500 locations in different parts of the United States. One of the reasons why Kroger is loved is that it offers a huge selection of products and a large variety of goods to shop from. 

PayPal on the other hand is a famous electronic payment platform that is used for many functions that all borders around the sending and receiving of money from one account to another.

Seeing that PayPal can play a good role while shopping at Kroger, users of both platforms want to know if they are both compatible hence they ask “does Kroger accept PayPal?” “Does Kroger take PayPal?” If you want to get a definite answer to the question then continue reading this article. 

Does Kroger Take PayPal? 


Ok so here is the answer to “does Kroger take PayPal”. Yes, Kroger does take PayPal as a means or method of payment when checking out of any of the Kroger stores. You can use the funds in your PayPal account to pay for goods that are purchased at Kroger online or in the store when you visit them in person. 

When you shop at Kroger, you are given several payment options at the checkout stage. You are allowed to use any payment method that is convenient for you from the list provided. And on that list of payment methods, PayPal is one of them. So if you have earlier made up your mind to shop with your PayPal credits at Kroger, you are not out of place because Kroger does accept PayPal. 

Does Kroger Accept PayPal Online?


Yes, you can use PayPal at Kroger online. This can be done in two ways. You can use PayPal at Kroger online through the Kroger website and the Kroger mobile app. If you want to know how to use PayPal online then read the next paragraph.

How To Use PayPal On Kroger Online


Still, on the answer to “does, Kroger take PayPal“, let us learn how to use PayPal to pay for purchases that were done online. And to do this, you will need to get the PayPal Key. The PayPal Key is a virtual debit card linked to your PayPal wallet that is accepted in any shop online that accepts MasterCards. 

Kroger does not have a direct PayPal button at its checkout online but it has MasterCards. So you can use PayPal Key in the place of a MasterCard. Note that you must first apply and create a PayPal Key before you begin this process. 

  • Visit the official Kroger website
  • Shop for your preferred items by selecting and adding any item to the cart. 
  • Click on Check out and select either pick up or delivery. 
  • Now head to the payment section and click on Credit Card. 
  • Enter the information of your PayPal Key. 
  • Funda will be deducted from your PayPal wallet. 

This process also serves as the answer to “does Kroger take PayPal on the mobile app?”. So if you want to make your purchase on the app, you can use the steps also. 

Does Kroger Accept PayPal In-store?


Yes, Kroger takes PayPal in-store just like it does online as discussed above. There is a payment option in the PayPal mobile application wherein you are allowed to scan the QR code of the store to which you want to make payment. In this case, you are required to scan the QR code of Kroger to send money to it after purchase. Here is the detail of the process. 

  • Sign in to your PayPal account through the mobile app.
  • Add your bank account to PayPal. 
  • Select the store that you want to go to which is Kroger. 
  • Click on the scan option of your PayPal 
  • Scan the barcode of Kroger when asked to put a payment method. 
  • Select the amount to pay and click on Continue. 
  • The money will be deducted from your PayPal account. 

What Are The Benefits Of Kroger Accepting PayPal? 


The fact that Kroger takes PayPal is a very good act. Not only does it make shopping online and in-store easy, but it also comes with several benefits that you might not have known. See some of the benefits below. 


PayPal is a platform that is highly conscious of the security of every transaction that is embarked on by its users. In other words, there are effective security features with PayPal. This extends to the usage of Kroger hence when you shop with PayPal at Kroger, your funds, as well as your personal information, are secure. PayPal ensures the safety of your personal information when you shop with Kroger. 

No Charges For Sending And Receiving Money

Sending and receiving money with PayPal is done at no cost at all. It is free of charge unlike what is obtainable with other finance platforms and regular banks. So you can shop as much as you can. Since Kroger does take PayPal, you do not have to worry about extra charges for paying. 

You Can Get Cashback

By using PayPal at Kroger since the answer to “does Kroger accept PayPal” is Yes, you stand the chance of getting Cashback after shopping. 

Offers And Vouchers

Through the use of PayPal on Kroger, you stand a chance of getting offers and vouchers at Kroger. 

Card Rewards

You can earn large card rewards by using PayPal at Kroger. 

Digital Coupon

You will also get some digital coupons through the use of PayPal at Kroger. 

What Other Type Of Payment Does Kroger Take?


If for some reason you are unable to pay with PayPal or you just want to explore some other options, then go through the list of the payment options that are accepted by Kroger. The list is as stated below.

  • American Express, Visa, and MasterCard Credit cards. 
  • Pin-based debit cards of all kinds. 
  • Pre-printed Checks of all kinds. 
  • Visa and MasterCards gift cards
  • Kroger gift cards
  • Kroger payment cards 
  • Kroger Service cards. 

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Kroger is known for the sales of a wide variety of good quality goods. It lives its customers hence there are very convenient payment methods that can serve the needs of everyone. So you that is asking “does Kroger take PayPal?” You have seen that the answer is YES. We have shown you how to use PayPal on the Kroger website, mobile app, and of course, in-store.