100+ Cashtags That Send Money In 2024

Definitely you’re among those searching for Cashtags that send money, probably celebrities Cashtags, sugar daddy Cashtags or rich people’s Cashtags for giveaway. Well, you have absolutely nothing to worry about” as we have provided you guys with about 100+ Cashtags that send money. And it also includes Cash App Twitter giveaway names.

The Cashtags listed here’ are mostly wealthy celebrities Cash App names, that often do giveaway on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Now, let’s tell ourselves the truth, there’s no way you can get Cashtags that will send you money for free. Unless during giveaways, or you requested money from any of the below listed Cashtags and the person decided to send you money.

If you’re following rich people or celebrities on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or any other social media platform. You will understand that from time to time” they instruct their followers to follow a product brand, or their friend’s new handle” and get certain amount of money sent to their Cash App.


So, we have filtered out over hundred celebrities, rich people, and brand influencers Cashtags that send money for being their follower on twitter or for requesting money from them. Although some people may not be lucky enough to receive money from the Cashtags, but this happens as a result of not following instructions properly.

Is Cash App Giving Money Out?


No, Cash App isn’t giving money out. But you can get free money on Cash App by requesting money from any of the below Cashtags.

All you need to do, is to use any of the Cashtags to request money from them. Or, spot and follow the celebrities on social media for Cash App money giveaway.

Before you can be able to use Cashtags to request for money, or receive payments” you must have a cash app account. For those who doesn’t have the Cash App account already, kindly follow these steps to create or sign up for an account.

How To Sign Up For A Cash App Account



For you to create a cash app account is very easy. However, you’re advised to sign up with accurate information about you, to avoid issues in future.

  • Visit Google play store or apple store.
  • Search for “Cash App” and download.
  • Install the app and tap on it to open.
  • Enter your vailid email or phone number.
  • Chose a unique username, also known as $cashtag.
  • After that, enter a confirmation code sent to you via email or as text message.
  • Enter your zip code and complete the registration process, to start receiving and sending money with Cash App.

NOTE: Cash App is strictly for those in United States, if you’re not in USA” then’ you will have to use premium VPN to sign up. However, you may encounter some challenges while using the App.

How To Request Money On Cash App


You can use any of the $cashtags listed here’ to request for money. Although what most of them do’ is social media giveaway. However, you may be lucky to get free money from them’ when you request for money and give the preson genuine reasons to send you money.

Just as a said earlier, some of the $cashtags shared here are top USA celebrities doing Cash App Twitter giveaway. And for you to benefit from the free money, you will be prompt to follow a product brand, or their friend’s social media handle. This is very simple and a lot of people do benefit from it, now let me go ahead and share the cashtags.

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Cashtags That Send Money


Before you proceed to requesting money from any of the below cashtags, have it in mind that’ receiving free money from the person is not guaranteed. Because, you aren’t the only one requesting money from them.

Although you might be lucky, but the easiest way to get free money on cash app, with the help of cashtag is by following the owners of those Cashtags on social media. Yes, most of them do giveaway” and you’re likely to benefit from it.

Celebrity cashtags That Send Money

  • $Brad9itt
  • $IamcardiB
  • $lilBaby
  • $4NataliePortman
  • $RealKatyPerry
  • $theMileyCyrus
  • $Olivia4Wilde
  • $DJenniferAniston
  • $Tom8Cruise
  • $iamDemiMoore
  • $DeJamieFoxx
  • $MilaKunis
  • $officialAliciaKeys
  • $realJenniferLopez
  • $EmmaStone
  • $VinDiesel
  • $Bruno2Mars
  • $JoaquinPhoenix
  • $iamLadyGaga
  • $dJohnLegend
  • $WhoopiGoldber
  • $AngelinaJolie
  • $dBeyoncé
  • $ReeseWitherspoon
  • $Taylor4Swift
  • $JenniferLawrence

Drop Your Cash App For Blessings

  • $josh4clam
  • $Dvictoriasecret
  • $hollowenBliz
  • $oxLadoz
  • $Morecash
  • $BillGates
  • $DwarrenBuffett
  • $LarryEllison
  • $CharlesKoch
  • $DavidKoch
  • $ChristyWalton
  • $JimWalton
  • $Bloomberg
  • $AliceWalton
  • $RobsonWalton
  • $MarkZuckerberg
  • $Sheldon7Adelson
  • $LarryPage
  • $SergeyBrin
  • $Jeff4Bezos
  • $CarlIcahn
  • $GeorgeSoros

Cash App Twitter Giveaway Names

  • $SteveBallmer
  • $jrForrestMars
  • $JacquelineMars
  • $JohnMars
  • $LenBlavatnik
  • $PhilKnight
  • $HaroldHamm
  • $MichaelDell
  • $CharlesErgen
  • $PaulAllen
  • $LaurenePowell

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How Can I Get Money On My Cash App For Free


There are other legitimate ways of getting money on your Cash App account for free. Which involves completing a task/survey.

You can also get money on cash app for free, by referring your friends to sign up on Cash App with your referral link, and get commission.


I will be dropping my pen here, and there’s no doubt’ that you have seen over hundred Cashtags that send money. Kindly use any of the cashtags to request for money.

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