Cash App Unauthorized Transactions ( Here’s What To Do )

Did you find an unauthorized transactions in your Cash App account? Do you want to know what to do in that case? Or you are one of those who want to get enough information about Cash App unauthorized transactions.

Whatever your response may be, you are welcome to read this very enlightening piece of article that has explained the subject matter in the simplest way. 

What Is Cash App Unauthorized Transaction?


Unauthorized cash app transactions are those transactions that were made from your Cash App account balance without your approval. Any transaction that was made with your Cash App account or your Cash App card that was not initiated or permitted by the owner is called a Cash App unauthorized transaction.

There are several reasons why such transactions take place but majorly as a result of scams, lost or stolen debit cards, Cash App hacks, access to your device, and so much more. See how unauthorized transactions work below. 

How Do Cash App Unauthorized Transactions Work?


As we’ve said above, these transactions are done without the permission or approval of the owner of the account. What happens is that the intruder gets access to the Cash App information of the sender through various means. And these details are used to log into your account from another device and transactions are made on your behalf.

These details could be your email address, password, your mobile phone, Cash card, etc. You could give them these details consciously or otherwise. And in some cases, they get access to them when you lose your properties that have those details. 

The unauthorized user could either send some amount of money from the account to another Cash App account in the funds will be sent to a bank account. It could even get worse when the unauthorized user buys things online and in-store with the money in your Cash App balance. When you find yourself in such a situation, what do you do? See the next paragraph for answers. 

How To Handle Cash App Unauthorized Transactions


If you find yourself in a position where your Cash App account was used for unauthorized transactions, here are a few actions to take. 

Cancel The Transaction

Immediately after you notice an unauthorized transaction in your account, your first action should be to cancel the transaction. When you do this fast enough, you could be lucky to abort the process before it is completed, hence the money will not be deducted from your account or will be reversed immediately. 

If it is a Cash card transaction, contact the merchant immediately to cancel the payment while it is still pending. When you do this, the transaction will be aborted and the money will return to your account within 10 business days. See how to cancel a Cash App transaction below. 

  • Log in to your Cash App account. 
  • Click on the Activity Tab
  • Click on the payment in question. That is, tap on the unauthorized payment. 
  • Now tap the three dots (…) at the side of the payment.
  • Select Refund from the options provided.
  • Now press OK to complete the process. 

With this, you have succeeded in canceling the payment or transaction.

File A Dispute


Another action that you can also take when you have an unauthorized Cash App transaction is to quickly file a dispute. This is slightly different from canceling the transaction above. Filing a dispute in this case will be in two ways especially if the transaction was made to a bank account. In such a case, you have to file a dispute with the bank involved and also on Cash App. 

Filing a transaction dispute to your bank or the bank in question can be done in several ways which could vary from one bank to the other. So contact the bank in question to know how to go about it. On the other hand, however, here is how to file a transaction dispute in Cash App.

  • Log in to your Cash App account. 
  • On the home screen, tap on the Activity Tab. 
  • Now select the transaction to be disputed. 
  • Click on the … (three dots) at the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Select Need Help & Cash App support.
  • Now click on dispute this transaction. 

This will draw the attention of Cash App to the transaction and it will be looked at. 

Report Your Cash Card As Stolen


If the unauthorized transaction is from your Cash Card, it is best to report the card as stolen to enable Cash App to block it before other transactions are made with it. Even if the card is with you, it could be that your card details, especially the PIN, have been compromised. To report the Cash card by taking the following steps. 

  • Log in to your Cash App home screen.
  • Tap on the Cash Card tab 
  • Click on the image or photo of the Cash Card. 
  • Select Problem With Cash Card from the options given. 
  • Select Card Stolen
  • Confirm the report with your PINor touch ID. 

Contact Cash App


You can also get direct contact with Cash App to abreast them of the unauthorized transaction. This can be done by visiting any of the Cash App social media channels, especially on Twitter. Or call this phone number 1-800-969-1940. Note that the representative will never ask for your PIN. 

Will I Get My Money Back If I Dispute Unauthorized Transactions On Cash App?


The answer to this is both yes and no depending on the circumstances dyrtounfing the transaction. However, if the transaction was canceled before it was processed, you will get your money back. 

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How Long Will It Take To Get My Money Back After Disputing An Unauthorized Transaction On Cash App? 

It takes a minimum of 10 business days to get your money refunded into your account when you file a dispute or canceled an unauthorized transaction. 

How To Prevent Cash App Unauthorized Transactions


  • Change Your Cash App PIN to a strong and secure one that is not easy you guess.
  • Ensure Security Lock On Your Device.
  • Enable Two Factor Authentication so s to be alerted whenever someone else wants to log into your account without permission.  
  • Transact With Only Familiar People And Reputable Businesses. 
  • Do not participate in any online poll or giveaway that requires your Cash App details. 

Is Cash App Safe?


Yes, Cash App is safe to use for all types of transactions as permitted by the app. All transactions and details are end-to-end encrypted hence no one else can see your information. However, you gave the role of safety to play by not giving out your details to anyone. 



Cash App unauthorized transactions are not strange as they happen often. If you find yourself in that situation, take the steps explained above to fix and get your money back while preventing further occurrences.