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Are you searching to know about Cash App referral code? Are you tired of seeing Cash App referral codes that are not legit? Fortunately, you have arrived at the destination for legit and adequate information. So read this article to know the benefits as well as how to use your Cash App referral code to get the maximum bonus.

In a world where having an extra source of income is paramount, it is therefore not surprising that everyone is in search of seemingly free money. Thankfully, Cash App has a solution to that. 

The peer-to-peer payment platform which began with just a few users some tears back has grown to have millions of users today. One of the methods of expansion adopted was the use of Cash App referral codes. In this article, you will find out what the Cash App referral code is, how to use it, its benefits, and so much more. 

Without wasting any more time, I enjoin you to read with me carefully without skipping any paragraph. 

What Is Cash App Referral Code?


As you must have deciphered from the name, the Cash App referral code refers to a unique code given to every Cash App user to refer or invite others to use the app. 

The code is a set of 7 upper case alphabets written in no particular order. No two users have the same Cash App referral code as there are benefits attached to its usage. See the benefits in the next paragraph. 

Benefits Of Cash App Referral Codes


The Cash App referral code has great benefits. It might interest you to know that with the Cash App referral code, the organization, the old user, and the new user have benefits. In other words, everyone has something to benefit from using the referral code. See the specific benefits below.

To The Organization (Cash App)

Cash App referral code is beneficial to the organization in the sense that with it, more people are invited to use the app. And with more usage, there is definitely an increase in revenue hence the growth of the organization 

To the Old User (Referrer)

The Cash App referral code is also of great financial benefit to the old user, who refers another person. This is because, when someone opens an account with Cash App and enters your referral code, you will be credited $30 by Cash App. You will agree with me that this is a huge amount of money. 

To The New User (Referred)

Also, the new user who was referred is entitled to some financial benefits. When you open an account with Cash App and enter the referral code of the person who invited you, and make a transaction of at least $5 within the first 14 days of opening the account, Cash App would give you a $5 bonus. 

So you can see that the Cash App referral code is a win-win for everyone. Read on to know where to find your code. 

How Do I Get A Referral Code For Cash App?

To everyone out there asking where can I find Cash App referral code? The truth is that’ it’s of no use knowing the benefits of the Cash App referral code if you cannot find it.

Cash App Referral Code

Fortunately, the side is located on the profile page of your Cash App account. More specifically, take these steps to find your Cash App referral code.

  • Log into your Cash App account. 
  • Click on the profile icon (or your photo if you uploaded one) at the top right side of the home page. 
  • On the next page, click on the green button that reads “Invite Friends”
  • There you will find your referral code. 

Try to share it with a friend and you will see a link. The last 7 alphabets of that link are your referral code. It looks like this SAYPWQX

How To Use Cash App Referral Code


Since you have seen that the Cash App referral code is one way of getting free money, I know you are interested in using it. Here is how to use the code. 

Step 1: Download And Sign Up For Cash App. 

You can download Cash App from either your play store or App store. After that, enter your email address and phone number to receive a confirmation text. Continue the sign-up by inputting other information and creating a $cashtag. 

Step 2: Enter The Cash App Referral Code. 

Now go to Settings and tap on the profile icon. On the profile page, scroll to the bottom and tap on “Enter Referral Code”. Enter the referral code of the person that invited you. 

Step 3: Link Your Bank Account Or Debit Card. 

Linking your bank account or debit card to help you add money to your account will aid the next step. To do this, go back to the home page and tap on the banking icon at the bottom left corner. Click on Link bank and enter your bank or debit card details. 

Step 4: Send $5 To A Cash App User.

This is the step that would guarantee if you would receive your bonus or not. So don’t skip this. Send $5 to another Cash App user. It could be a family member, friend, or the person that invited you. Note that this must be done within the first 14 days of opening your Cash App account. 

And with this, both you and the person who referred you will be credited with your bonuses. You will get $5 while the other person gets $30 (subject to change). 

Is Cash App Referral Code Safe And Legit?

Yes, it is safe and legit. It is recognized by Cash App and the securing bodies of the app hence you do not need to worry about security. 

Can I Share The Cash App Referral Code?

Of course, you can share your Cash App referral code. That is the reason it’s called a referral code in the first place. So go ahead and share it. 

How Can I Share My Cash App Referral Code? 

There is no specified way of sharing your Cash App referral code. You know the financial benefits associated with it. So put on your creativity jacket and share it. You can also do that through emails, text messages, social media posts, etc. 

You can also share it by telling those around you or anyone you come across like friends, family, business associates, colleagues, customers, etc. You can insist that your buyers pay you through Cash App hence giving them your code to sign up. 

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How Many People Can I Invite With My Cash App Referral Code? 


The number of people you can invite with your Cash App referral code is unlimited. So you can invite as many as possible. And the more you invite, the more money you make. 


Can I Get $200 With Cash App Referral Code?


Yes, you can get such an amount of money with the Cash App referral code only if you invite more and more people. Do not fall victim to any Cash App Scam on the internet claiming to give you a code that gives you $200 or more with the referral code. 

The only way to get $200 with referral codes is by inviting more people to use your code. 

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Why Did I Not Get My Cash App Referral Bonus?


Below are some of the possible reasons why you did not get your Cash App referral bonus. 

  • Spam or fraudulent activity like multiple accounts.
  • The person you invited did not enter your referral code. 
  • Your invite link does not contain your referral code. 
  • You have not done the transaction of $5.
  • Your account is not verified. 
  • You entered the wrong code



The Cash App referral code is a beautiful way of making money without doing much work. Here, we showed you the benefits, what the code looks like, how to use it as well as how to find the code. I believe after now, you will get to work as you get more money from using your Cash App referral code. You can contact for more inquiries. 

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