Cash App Says Payment Completed But Not Received [ Quick Fix ]

If Cash App says payment completed but not received, you don’t have to panic. Your money is not lost. There are some reasons for that and they can also be resolved. So, hang around with me and read this article to see how to fix such a problem and get everything in place in a short time. 

The popular mobile money app, Cash App is used for sending and receiving money as well as some other financial transactions. It is easy to use and navigate hence its ever-increasing number of users. 

Oftentimes, there had been complaints by users about Cash App payments completed but not received. What could be the causes of this? And how can we fix it? All the answers that you seek have been explained in this article. So let’s get started. 


How Long Does It Take For Cash App Payment To Be Received?


Cash App payments are usually instant. That is, they are completed immediately after you send them and the other party receives them accordingly.

Nonetheless, there could be situations when your payment could be pending or the payment will be sent but has not been received. There are some reasons for such occurrences. See them in the next section.

Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received – Why?


If you send some money and after a while, it is not received, it is an indication that there is an error somewhere. One of the following could be the causes of such errors. 

Poor Internet Connection

If you have a poor network or internet connection at the time of initiating the transaction, you are mostly going to experience such problems. This is because there might have been some forms of disconnection in the process. 


Server Problem

Although this does not occur frequently with Cash App, it is common when sending money from Cash App to a bank account. In such situations, when either Cash App or your bank server is down, there would be improper communication between them hence the payment is not received. 

Outdated App

Such errors can also emanate from an outdated app. When your Cash App needs an update and you haven’t done that, you could also experience payment errors. 

Insufficient Balance

One of the major reasons why Cash App payment is completed but not received is insufficient funds in the account of the sender. If the amount you intend to send is more than the total balance of money in your account, such a transaction will not be received. 

Sending Limit Exceeded

Another reason why the recipient would not get the sent money is when either of you has exceeded your limits. This is most applicable with unverified accounts on Cash App. There are sending and receiving limits that when exceeded, you might not be able to send or receive money until further actions are taken. I will tell you what to do about this in the next section. 

Sending Data Error

It might have been sent to a different email address or $cashtag. This often happens when two individuals have similar usernames or emails. And if the sender is in haste, a letter or figure might be omitted from the username or email. When this happens, the funds would be diverted to another account. 

In cases like this, the intending receiver would not get the cash while the sending would have been completed. 

Compromised, Spam, or Scam Accounts

Securing your finds is one of the top priorities of Cash App. Although the extent to which they can act in this regard is limited, they try to see that you and your money are safe. So, if your or the account of the receiver is perceived to have been compromised in one way or the other, especially about fraudulent transactions, Cash App could hold the payment for a while.

Also, some accounts on Cash App have been flagged as scam accounts used for fraudulent purposes. In such cases, the receiver would not get the money that has been sent. While Cash App carries out its security check. Hence the payment is not received. Now that we have seen what the problem could possibly be, what are the possible solutions? Find the answer to this as you continue reading. 

How To Fix” Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received?

cash app payment completed but not received

There are a few things you can do to resolve the problem of Cash App payments being completed but not received. I will highlight them below. 

  • Check your internet connection and make sure it is ok. 
  • Check your Cash App balance to confirm that the amount that you are sending isn’t more than what you have in your balance. 
  • Also check your Cash App for an update. You can update your app or your Google Play Store or Apple Store. 
  • Confirm that you have entered the correct recipient information like username, email address, and phone number. 
  • Call your bank to make sure that there isn’t a server problem. If there is, wait for a while before carrying out the transaction again. Server problems usually do not take long to fix. 
  • Make sure you have not exceeded your sending or receiving limits. If you have, you can increase it by verifying your Cash App account. Or wait till your limit resets. 

If you have done all of these and problems persist, contact Cash App support for further help. 

Can A Completed Cash App Payment Sent Be Reversed?


No, a completed Cash App payment can not be reversed. If you sent money to the wrong person and the payment has been completed, Cash App would not be able to refund or reverse the money or cancel the payment. You, however, have the option of requesting a refund from the receiver. 

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Why Is It Taking So Long To Receive My Cash App Payment?


The main reason it’s taking so long to receive your cash app payment is mostly because of network issues. In a situation where the sender, or you as the receiver is experiencing poor network coverage, there will be a delay in receiving the payment. However, in a situation like this, you will have to be patient and wait for the payment to reflect.

How Can I Get Money Back From Cash App After Being Completed?

Unfortunately you can’t get your money back after being completed. You can ask the person to refund you, that’s if you sent it to the wrong person.

How To Send A Cash App Payment


We earlier noted that the major function of Cash App is to send and receive payment and it is from there that the problem in our topic emanates. So let me teach you how to send a payment on Cash App. With this, you can be certain that you’ve done it the right way.

With Cash App, you can send a payment to a bank account and also another Cash App account. If you go with the former (bank accounts), you must first add it to your Cash App. Then for the former, all you need is the email address or username ($cashtag) of the recipient.

When you have gotten that information, take the following steps to send payments.

  • Log in to your Cash App account.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send.
  • Click on Pay.
  • Enter the email address or $cashtag of the recipient.
  • Enter the purpose of the payment.
  • Tap on Pay.

With this, it is expected that the money is received by the other party in a few minutes.

How Do I Know If Someone Received My Cash App Payment?


Anytime you send a payment on Cash App, you will know if it is completed or received by checking your activity tab. There you will see the status of your payment.

To check it log in to your Cash App, and click on the clock icon to take you to your Activity Tab. There you will find the payment in question. Click on it and you will see its status (completed or pending).


Now that you have seen the reasons why your Cash App payment is completed but not received and how you can easily fix them. I hope you are relieved and you would apply them to fix yours.