Cash App Notification Won’t Go Away ( Why & How To Fix It )

Do you want to know the reasons why Cash App notifications won’t go away? Or are you in search of how to fix the issue of recurring notifications on the app? Then read this article to the end. We have clearly explained the causes and quick fixes to that problem in the lines of this article. 

Cash App notifications are ways through which the app communicates to its users and help them keep track of activities in their account. They are sent to alert you about requests, transactions, policy updates, account changes, etc.

However, this feature can malfunction thereby resulting in inaccurate, recurring, annoying, and constant notifications. This situation is usually disturbing hence we want to show you how to fix “Cash App notifications won’t go away” in this article. So let’s get started. 

Types Of Cash App Notifications


Cash App sends notifications in different ways to its users. See 4 types of Cash App notifications below.

  • Push Notifications: This type of Cash App notification is the one that appears on the logo of the app and in the notification panel of your phone. 
  • In-App Notifications: In-App notifications are those that are seen only when you log in to your account. They appear with a red dot on the tab that needs attention. 
  • Notifications Via Emails: Cash App notifications also come as emails through its official email ID. Any notification that requires file attachment is sent through emails. 
  • Notifications Through Text Messages: Cash App also notifies its users through text messages. These messages are sent to the phone number with which your Cash App account was opened.  

Why Cash App Notifications Won’t Go Away


The following are some of the reasons why you have notifications from Cash App that won’t go away. 

Unchecked Notification

One of the main reasons why Cash App notifications won’t go away is that you have an unchecked notification. That is, Cash App has alerted you to something on your app which could be a transaction, request, scam alert, etc but you have not checked it out. If you haven’t checked the notification, it will remain on your screen or app hence you will keep seeing it. 

You Haven’t Taken Action

Sometimes, even after opening the notification, it would still not go away. And the reason for this is because you haven’t taken the necessary action. The notification could be a request or a prompt that needs your immediate attention like changing your account number, completing a pending transaction, etc. If you haven’t opened it and haven’t done the needful, that notification would remain or keep coming. 

Phone Glitches

Another reason for such a problem in your phone can also be because your phone is experiencing some glitches. Several factors can be responsible for this but most commonly because the phone needs an update. 

Cash App Server Is Down

It could be that Cash App notifications aren’t going away because the app has run into a bug or the App’s server is down. When this happens, it malfunctions and no matter what you do, it won’t go away. We will see how to fix this in the next section. 

Phone Cache Is Full

The cache is the place where your phone stores data. It is expected that you clear up the cache from time to time for proper functioning of the device. So, if it is full and you haven’t cleared it, there is the tendency that you will get notifications that won’t go away. 

Cash App Needs Update.

You might also get Cash App notifications that won’t go away if your app needs an update and you haven’t done that. Cash App continually works on the app and updates are released intermittently. If there is one and you have not installed it, there would be some malfunctioning that could come by way of notifications not going away. Now let’s see how to fix all of these in the next section. 

What To Do When Cash App Notifications Won’t Go Away (Quick Fixes)


Having seen the causes of the problem, I know it will be a great relief to know how to resolve it. So, let’s see how to fix Cash App notifications won’t go away below. 

Check Your Notification


The easiest way to fix it is to quickly open the notification and check what it is all about. When you click on it and read through it, it will most likely go away. However, if it doesn’t, then check the next option. 

Respond To The Notification


If after opening the notification remains, then, take action by doing whatever the notification wants you to do and it would go away. Check all tabs to see where your attention is needed. Most times when you have a request, Cash App would keep notifying you till you accept or decline the request. This is because it might be urgent and if not notified, you wouldn’t be aware. So accept or reject the request to stop such notifications. 

Restart Your Phone


If the problem persists, then it could be phone glitches. To solve this, restart your phone. This is done by long pressing the power button of your phone. 

Wait For Cash App To Fix Its Server


If Cash App has some glitches or bugs, there is nothing you can do other than wait for the app to be fixed. This usually does not take a long time. 

Clear Cache


If the problem is because your phone’s cache is full, simply clear cache and watch the notification go away. The steps to clear cache varies from one device to the other. So search for yours and get it done. 

Turn Off Cash App Notifications


If you’ve tried other solutions and Cash App notifications won’t go away, then turn off all notifications from Cash App on your phone. This is very easy to do as it will stop any notification from the app from appearing on your phone. You would then only get alerts when you open the app until you turn it on again. See how to turn off notifications below. 

  • Go to your Phone Setting. 
  • Scroll down and click on Apps and Notifications.
  • Select Cash App from the list of apps or the list of recent notifications. 
  • Now turn off notifications by clicking on the toggle.

Update Your App


Sometimes, Cash App would malfunction when there is a need for an update. So go to your Play Store or App Store and install an update to the app. This should help to clear up the Cash App notification that won’t go away.

Log Out And Log In Again


You can also log out of your Cash App and log in again using your login credentials (username and password). When you log out, the memory is temporarily erased and by the time you are looking in again, it is most likely that the notifications would not come up again. 

Reinstall Your Cash App


If you’ve done all else and Cash App notifications won’t go away, then you should uninstall the app and install it again. This gives you a fresh start and all previous notifications would no longer appear. Note that when you reinstall the app, you will also log in again with your details.

Contact Cash App


If Cash App notifications persist all else, contact Cash App for help. You can do this by visiting Or navigate to the “Support” section of your app. 

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How To Clear Cash App Notifications


Although we have stated everything you need to do, to clear notifications on cash app. However, to make it more obvious to you, here’s what to do;

  • Open and check what the notifications are all about, sometimes it happens when an unknown device is trying to login to your cash app account.
  • Maybe the app is outdated, check and update your cash app.
  • Clear the app cache
  • Turn off your phone and turn it on again, etc. The notifications will disappear.

How To Get Rid Of Cash App Notification?


Unfortunately you can’t get rid of cash app notifications. It notifies you the activities going on with your account. Hence, it’s not even advisable to get rid of it” but you can follow the above methods to clear the notifications.



Cash App notifications won’t go away is not a normal occurrence. The causes of such an action and how to easily fix it have been discussed in this article. I hope as you follow every method explained, you will be able to get rid of the notification from your device.