How To Use Cash App In Canada 2023 [ Cash App Canada ]

Do you reside in Canada and you are unable to use Cash App? Could it be that you want to know how to use Cash App in Canada? Then sit back and read this article to the end as we teach you all that are involved in using Cash Canada in Six (6) simple steps. 

You may have stumble on one or more sites telling you that it’s impossible to use cash app in Canada. Anyways, they’re right” but not anymore. My team and I have discovered a working method you can use to get Cash App in Canada. Hence, if you want to start using Cash App in Canada, kindly follow the above guidelines.

Can I Use Cash App In Canada?


To begin the discussion, let us remind ourselves of the possibilities of using Cash App in Canada. To answer the question above, I would like to let you know that No, you can not use Cash App in Canada. In other words, Cash App is not yet available in that country. Cash App does not support Canadian users currently. It is only available to US and UK users at the moment. 

Don’t worry, even though it is not yet supported, there are unofficial ways to use it. So continue reading to see how you can use it. The processes will be explained as we move on.   

Why Can’t I Use Cash App In Canada?


The following are some of the reasons why you can’t use Cash App officially in Canada at the moment. Remember I noted in the preceding paragraph that we will show you how to use it unofficially. So let’s see the reasons. 

Limited Features

One of the major reasons why Cash App is currently not used in Canada is that its features were not designed to capture the needs and systems in Canada. In other words, while it was being designed, the target market was the UK and the US.

So, to use it in Canada or any other country, other features need to be added or a modification made to the existing features. This will cost a lot of time, energy, and money. Therefore pending when the changes will be made, Cash App is not allowed in Canada. 

High Level Of Competition


Another plausible reason why Cash App is not in and cannot be used in that country currently is because of the high level of competition that it would face if it is used. There are many popular and very prominent mobile money transfer apps in Canada such as E-transfer. Its function is so much similar to that of Cash App. And as such, if Cash App is introduced in that place, it might experience low patronage. 

How To Use Cash App In Canada


Now let us see how you can unofficially use Cash App in Canada using the following 6 easy steps. The summary of it is that you are required to download Cash App and transferWise otherwise called Wise. After that, you have to link both accounts and you are ready to start using it. Let’s take the step-by-step guide for a better understanding.

Step 1: Download Cash App And TransferWise

TransferWise is supported in Canada. Therefore it can be easily downloaded by going to your Google Play Store or App Store. On the other hand, however, Cash App can not be downloaded through those means by those in Canada. Therefore to download Cash App in Canada, go through app stores like Uptodown, Aptoide, Malavida, etc. By making the downloads, you are done with this step. Note that you will need a Canadian credit card or debit card in the process. So, get them and enable VPN.  

Step 2: Sign Up On Cash App.

The next thing to do at this juncture is to sign up on Cash App using your email or phone number. It is advisable to use your email except if you have a UK and US phone number on which you can receive alerts (verification code). Verify the account with the code sent to your email or phone number. And go ahead to create a $cashtag

Step 3: Sign Up On TransferWise.

Open the app that has been downloaded and sign up by following the prompts. You can also do that on the TransferWise website. Now set your preferred currency by navigating to the dashboard, clicking on open a balance, and tapping on your preferred currency.

Step 4: Fund Your Account.

Moving on with Cash App Canada, log in to your TransferWise account again. Navigate to “balances with local bank details”. Choose either USD or GBP. Now go back to the balance page. Choose the currency that you want to fund. Fill out the form, follow the prompts to include other details like amounts, and click on Next.

Step 5: Select A Payment Option.

At this stage, all that is required of you is to select your debit card as a payment option in your TransferWise and enter its details as you are prompted.

 Step 6: Link Cash App To TransferWise.

Last on Cash App Canada, is to link the two methods of payment. Re-enable VPN and open your Cash App. navigate to your balance tab on the cash app and select “Add Bank”. Now, you will be asked to enter the details of your debit card.

Scroll down on the options and select No Card. you will be prompted to enter bank details instead. Now enter the details of your TransferWise account. Voila!!! You can now use Cash App in Canada.

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Alternatives To Cash App In Canada


Having seen the steps involved in using Cash App in Canada, if you think you cannot go through the rigor involved, then use any of the following alternative apps and platforms for your financial transactions in Canada. 


How Soon Will Cash App Canada Work?


Although we can not give a specific date on when Cash App will be available in Canada, especially as there is no official statement about that from the app, we can only assume that it will be soon.

The reason for this assumption is that Cash App is still a work in progress and so many updates are continually being carried out on it. So, we hope that in no distant time, an update will be made to it and it will be officially available in Canada. 

Can I Send And Receive Money From A User Of Cash App Canada?


There is no guarantee that as a Cash App user in Canada, you will be able to transact with a user in the US. This is because it is not officially supported. And more so because Cash App users in the US and UK where it is legally supported are still unable to transact with themselves.  


The entire piece has deeply and explicitly explained so much about the use of Cash App in Canada. The highlight of it all was giving you a step-by-step guide on how to use it even as a resident or citizen of Canada. Don’t forget to jump on other alternatives listed above if you find the process rigorous.