How To Find Cash App Bank Name & Address?

What is cash app bank name and address? How do I find it on my dashboard? These are what we are going to disclose on this page, so carefully read as we explain everything in details. Maybe you want to perform a transaction with your Cash App account and you need its Bank name, or you’re one of those who are in the dark about the issue of Cash App having a bank name?

If you find yourself in any of these categories, then sit down and attentively read through this article that has explained everything you need to know about Cash App Bank Name. You will get to see the name to use for each transaction as well as other vital details.

Does Cash App Have A Bank Name?


I know that this is the first question that comes to the mind of anyone hearing about the concept for the first time. And the answer to the question above is a capital YES, Cash App does have a bank name. Surprised? Don’t worry, here is the reason for that. 

As you may already know, Cash App is a finance platform whose primary function is to send and receive money among peers. As time went on, however, it took up other forms thereby including direct deposits, Bitcoin and stock trading, etc.

With some of these functions, there is the need to have some banking details beyond just an app hence the need for a bank name, routing number, and account number. 

Unfortunately, Cash App is not a full-fledged bank hence it can not have that information. What it does is to partner with other banks to carry out these functions. So the name of these partnering banks automatically becomes the Cash App bank name. Interesting, right? Now let’s see the name(s) as we proceed. 

How Many Bank Names Does Cash App Have?


It would interest you to know that Cash App has two bank names. That is to say,  it partners with two banks for carrying out certain financial transactions. Hence the names of these banks are automatically the Cash App Bank names.

Note that these banks do not carry out the same transactions for Cash App hence the name that you would use depends on the transaction that you want to make. There is a different Cash App bank name for Direct Deposit and another for any issue relating to Cash Cards. Let’s see the names below.

Cash App Bank Bank Name


Cash App operate with two banks, which are the Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank. And both banks perform different functions, the Lincoln Savings Bank, is the cash app bank name for direct deposit. On the other hand, Sutton Bank is the cash App card bank name that offers all Cash Card. Read on, as we explain everything in details.

What is Cash App Bank Name For Direct Deposit?


The Cash App bank name for Direct Deposit is Lincoln Savings Bank. This is the bank that partners with Cash App for the processing of all Direct Deposit transactions. So if you want to fill out a form for direct deposit, the bank name should be Lincoln Savings Bank. The account type is Checking Account and you will also need the routing number to complete the process. This can be found in your app.

Cash App Bank Name For Issuing Cash Card?


On the other hand, if the issue that you need the name for is bordering around the issuance and use of the Cash App debit card otherwise called Cash Card, then the former can not be used.

The Cash App bank name for Cash Card is Sutton Bank. This is the bank that Cash App partners with for the issuance and processing of Cash Card and any other related issues. 

Cash App Bank Address


The Cash App bank headquarters is located at 1455 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. Also, you can reach out to them by calling 1-800-969-1940. Or visit

What Is Cash App Bank Name On Plaid?


Plaid is a platform that allows you to securely link your bank information to many financial apps without fear of being defrauded. And Cash App is one of those banks that is supported by Plaid. Hence you can link your Cash App information or details to Plaid. 

However, since Cash App is not a bank, the question of what bank name can Cash App use on Plaid comes in. It would interest you to know at this juncture that the Cash App bank name on Plaid is Lincoln Savings Bank. This is the same Bank name for direct deposit as we stated above. Lincoln Savings Bank is one of the banks that Cash App partners with in carrying out banking transactions.  

How To Find Cash App Bank Name?


There are many ways to find out the Cash App bank name because there will be a time when you will need to use it. I will give you several ways to find the name so that if you are in dire need of it and one method fails, you can pick from other alternatives. Do not forget that the bank name depends on the transaction you intend to carry out. So, here we go

 On The Mobile App

To find the Cash App bank name on the mobile app take the following steps

  • Log in to your Cash App account.
  • Navigate to the Baking Tab.
  • Check below your balance, you will find your bank name along with the routing number for Direct Deposit. 

On The Cash App Website

Another way to find the bank name used for Cash App transactions is by visiting the official Cash App website. There you will find every other vital information that you need to know about the app and its usage.

Websites And Blogs

You can also find the bank name when you search through websites and blogs on the internet. That can be done using any search engine of your choice. And by reading this article and similar ones, you will find the name.

Visit Cash App

Cash App has its headquarters at 1455, Market Street, San Francisco. Therefore, this is also one of the right places to find the bank name. You can visit this location to get any information about the app and its function. You can also lay all complaints here as there are staff around to attend to you at any time.

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Is Cash App The Same As Sutton Bank?


No, Cash App as you know is an online banking platform. All its activities are carried out online. On the other hand, Sutton Bank is a real-time bank with locations in different parts of the United States. As an online platform, Cash App is limited in the banking transactions that it is allowed to do. This is where Sutton Bank comes in. 

Sutton Bank partners with Cash App in the issuance of debit cards. That is to say, all Cash App cards are issued by Sutton Bank. Apart from this function, both institutions are different. 

Does Cash App Have A  Bank?


No, Cash App does not have a bank but it partners with some banks to carry out banking services.


With all that has been written so far, you can now see that there are two Cash App bank names for different transactions. And they are Sutton and Lincoln Savings Bank.