Q& A: Can You Overdraft Cash App? ( No! Here’s Alternative }

Can you overdraft Cash App? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by Cash App users today. And we have thought it pertinent to ease your quest and search by giving you a straight answer to the question. So flow with us as we show you all that you need to know about overdraft with Cash App.  

As a Cash App user, you must have found yourself in a situation where you have to pay some unplanned bills and extra expenses. In such times, you might have found yourself asking “Can you overdraft Cash App?” Well, the answer to this question and other ways to get overdrafts easily is explained in the lines of this article. So read to the end to grab all the details of this educative and informative piece of article. 

Do Cash App Have Overdraft?



For those asking does cash app overdraft? The answer is No! Cash App doesn’t have overdraft feature. However, there’s an alternative’ which we have discussed here. Kindly read carefully, as we walk you through on how to achieve this.

Can You Overdraft Cash App?


No, you can not overdraft Cash App on purpose. Its policy does not allow you to spend more than what you have in your account. However, your account can run into negative sometimes. Pending and secondary charges can make your Cash App account negative. This could be from making purchases in stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc, and leaving tips that are greater than your balance. 

Nonetheless, there are also ways to get emergency funds from Cash App. As you continue reading, you will find out. Let’s see if you can overdraft the Cash App card. 

Can I Overdraft My Cash App Card?


Again, the answer to this is a big No. If you are familiar with the Cash App card, you will know that it is more of a prepaid debit card because it draws money from your Cash App account. And by implication, if you do not have enough money in your account, you can not use the card. 


Therefore, since you can not overdraft. Cash App, by extension, you can not also overdraft the Cash Card. All of these are simply explained in the Cash App’s overdraft policy. Let’s see what is stated there quickly. 

Cash App Overdraft Policy


Not everyone knows or reads about the policy of Cash App regarding overdrafts. Hence, many people go about with hearsay. Luckily, the Cash App terms of service have not said anything different from what has been explained. Here is what it says “…we currently do not over overdraft or credit feature…”.

Disappointed? You don’t have to be as there is a very beautiful way out. You can use the Cash App borrow feature to get money and pay at a later date. See more on this in the next section. 

How To Enroll For And Use Cash App Borrow Feature


As we have noted, there is a feature on Cash App that allows you to borrow from $20-$200 and pay back in one month with 5% charges. It was launched in 2020 to about 1000 users but has allowed others to join. It is not available to all Cash App users hence you might not find the button on your app. There are certain requirements to be met before you could be qualified to borrow on Cash App. They are:

  1. Must have used Cash App to make a good amount of payments. 
  2. Must have applied for and activated a Cash App card. 
  3. Must be 18 years and above. 
  4. Must have a good credit score not lower than 600. 
  5. And must be a resident in any of these States of the US
    • California
    • Iowa
    • Kansas
    • Massachusetts
    • Missouri
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • New Hampshire
    • Ohio
    • Rhode Island
    • Utah
    • Vermont
    • Washington, and a few others. 

You can also check your app to know if your state is supported.

How To Use Cash App Borrow Feature


Here are the steps to use the Cash App borrow feature. Remember it is not available to everyone. 

  • Log in to your Cash App. 
  • Search for the word “borrow” on either the home screen or click on the banking tab.
  • If it is available for you, click borrow.
  • Now select Unlock to request a loan from Cash App. 
  • Now enter the amount of money that you would like to borrow from Cash App. 
  • Read through the loan agreement that will be shown to you. 
  • Now click on “agree” to complete the process. 

With this, Cash App will credit your account with the desired amount if you are qualified for it. If the Cash App borrow feature is not available to you, don’t worry, there are other ways to get overdrafts. 

Other Ways To Get Overdrafts


Let’s quickly take a look at some very easy ways to get overdrafts that can also be used for the same purpose as the Cash App overdraft. 

Credit Cards. 

If you are unable to borrow on Cash App, you could get a credit card which gives you access to funds that can be paid back in due time. You can visit any bank or credit union of your choice to get this. However, you must meet up with their credit score requirements to qualify.

If your credit score is not good enough, you can opt for Venmo or PayPal credit cards. You can also go for the Chase Freedom credit card which is also easy to get. 

Chime Bank. 

As a customer of Chime Bank, you could overdraft your account up to $200. So if you earnestly need an overdraft, you could open an account with Chime. 

Axos Bank. 

Axos Bank is an online financial institution like Cash App which closely operates like a traditional bank. Open an account with Axos and get an overdraft. 

Albert App. 

You can also borrow up to $250 when you open an account with Albert App. Like Cash App, this is an online financial institution that can give you a loan without a credit check. And its loans do not have additional charges. 

What Happens If You Overdraft Cash App?

If you overdraft cash app, your transaction may be declined, Cash App may cover the purchase for you and charge you a fee, your account balance may go into the negative, your account may be closed or suspended.

Hence, to avoid overdraft fees and other problems, it is important to keep track of your Cash App balance and to only make purchases that you can afford. If you do find yourself in an overdraft situation, you can contact Cash App customer support to see if there is anything that they can do to help.

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Can I Overdraft My Bank Account Through Cash App?


No, you can not possibly overdraft your linked bank account with Cash App. This is because Cash App and Cash Cards operate like prepaid cards. And as such would only use the available money in your account. 

Can You Overdraft Cash App For Gas


No, you can’t overdraft cash app for gas. However, according to cash app” Gas stations may charge your Cash Card a temporary authorization hold of up to $175. The cost of your gas will be charged later as a separate transaction that releases the authorization hold.



Can you overdraft Cash App? The answer is No. However, you can use the Cash App borrow feature as well as other alternative means to get funds for emergencies. All of these have been discussed in the article above. I hope you will be relieved after reading through this.